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Initial Sector Ownership

See Systems, Sectors and Zones

How Sector Ownership Changes

Sector ownership changes to another faction when the following conditions have been met:

  • All of the original sector owner's administration/build modules have been destroyed
  • No administration/build modules were built by 2 or more factions before the original owners administration module have been destroyed
  • All Xenon defense modules and drone bays have been destroyed
  • The recipient faction has at least one Administration module/build module

Troubleshooting Sector Ownership Problems

  • Always check the entire sector for administration/build modules, the following stations are built with administrative modules: Shipyards, Wharves, Defense Platforms, Trading Station, Equipment Docks, All Xenon stations

Common Misconceptions about Sector Ownership

"Sector Ownership is determined by the faction with the most Administration modules"


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