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Reunion! The following page contains information relating to content from the Cradle of Humanity DLC

Short Name: PIO

Moniker(s): Pioneer Initiative (former name, often used colloquially by Terrans), Pioneers

Race Description

The Terrans of the Solar System have a long history of spaceflight and exploring the Jump Gate network. After the events of the Terraformers over Earth, the Terrans severed their contact with the rest of the galaxy and had several centuries of rebuilding and advancement in isolation. Their brief return led to the Terran Conflict which preceded the mass disconnection of Jump Gates. It is unknown if the war precipitated this event.

Faction Description

When the Jump Gates started to shut down, many disparate groups from all across the network were stranded in the Sol system. The Terran government was wary of these refugee communities suddenly forming in their midst. In order to keep them away from Sol's inner core, and make the best of a difficult situation, the Terran government brought the Pioneer Initiative into being. With the stated aim of exploring and settling the furthest outskirts of Sol, they then rallied the displaced groups under its banner. When a Gate connection was restored, and Neptune was suddenly adjacent to several unclaimed systems, the Terran government encouraged the Pioneer Initiative to venture out of Sol and explore and settle this new-found space.

Delighted to now have a home of their own, the Pioneer Initiative, upon re-discovering the Segaris system, welcomed more and more disparate groups into their fold and distanced themselves from their Terran origin by changing their name to Segaris Pioneers. Their effort to gain true independence is a work in progress, however. It is a delicate balancing act, as they are still heavily reliant on the Terran government for protection and economic support. Their hope and belief is that the best way out of this disadvantageous situation, is to throw themselves into seeking scientific advancements that can one day lead to them to true independence.




Illegal Goods

Illegal Items

  • Decryption module
  • Delirium
  • Hallucinogens
  • Security bypass system
  • Security decryption system
  • Security slicer
  • Spacefly caviar
  • Spacefly eggs
  • Unstable crystal

Illegal Wares

  • Spacefuel


The Segaris Pioneers only control 3 systems, all of which only have one sector each.


The Segaris Pioneers shipbuilding has diverged from their Terran progenitors since the initiative was first launched. While the pioneers still field the capital ships of the Terran Protectorate (with the exception of the closely guarded Syn and Asgard class vessels) they have begun developing their own fighter technology. Segarian fighters include the Kalis and the Takoba which are modified variants of the Terran Kukri and Gladius respectively. Segarian ships all sport a matte white and blue paintjob derivative of their Solborn forebears.

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