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Updated for version 4.20. TODO: Add more order icons


The captains of ships (both player owned and NPC) are capable of performing a variety of tasks based on the skill level of the captain and the size/role of ship flown. These tasks can be direct Orders or Default Behaviours which are automatically performed when there are no orders queued. Player owned ships can be ordered by selecting the ship with a left click and then right clicking the target object/location to open a menu with a choice of available orders. The Default Behaviour for the ship is set under the Behaviour section of the Information tab of the Map. Some behaviours have additional fields that need to be set before the ship will begin performing the task.



Fly ToShip will fly to an object and wait. If instructed to fly to a moving object the ship will follow the object.
ProtectShip will fly around a static target or follow a moving target until that target is attacked.
Dock AtShip will fly to and then dock and wait and an object.
Dock To TradeShip will fly to and then dock and trade with an object.
 Venture FromShip (Must be M/S) will fly to a venture sendoff dock and wait until sent on a venture.
AttackShip will attack a selected target. After destroying the target the ship will hold position
Attack targets in rangeShip will attack all targets in a selected radius. After destroying all targets the ship will hold position
Attack Multiple ObjectsShip will attack the selected targets.
Upgrade/Repair AtShip will dock at and then repair at a wharf/shipyard/resupply ship in a way specified by the player.
N/ASell Ship AtShip's ownership will be transferred to the recipient faction and the player is paid a 2nd hand rate for the ship.
ExploreShip will move in a spiral shape to uncover a specified radius of a sector. It's possible to right-click a gate, accelerator, or superhighway entry gate leading to the sector which should be explored and select this command. This will place the center in the new sector and sets the radius to what the pilot thinks should cover all of the inhabited space in that sector.
 Update Trade OffersShip will fly around a sector and update station trade offers. Note: as the ship is moving and isn't constantly updating the entire sectors trade offers at one time some stations information is inaccurate until the ship passes it again.
 Collect DropsShip will collect specified drops in an area. Can be set up to collect, legal, illegal or trade/mining wares.
MineMining ship will mine for resources in a specified region.
 Deploy At PositionShip will deploy a specified deployable (e.g satellite, lasertower, friend/foe mine, etc) at a selected location.
Transfer CrewCrew will either walk from the old ship to the new ship when docked or use personnel pods when in space

Trade Orders


Trade With

Ship will trade with a station/resupply ship (monetary transaction).
Transfer Wares WithShip will exchange wares with a station/resupply ship (no monetary transaction).

Assign Role For

Defend CommanderShip(s) will defend their commanding ship/ station and will act when the commanding ship/station is attacked. 
Attack with CommanderShips(s) will attack their commanding ship/station's target.

This order is quite handy for getting S ships to swarm capitals.

Intercept for CommanderShip(s) will attack hostile fighters (S/M) ships near its commander.This order is suitable for keeping light nimble fighters away from destroyers and carriers
Resupply ForResupply ship(s) will buy wares to resupply and repair their commanding ship's fleet. When not trading for wares the resupply ship will try to fly with the fleet.Only Resupply Ships can perform this command
Mining ForMining ship(s) will collect/mine resources for their commanding station. 
Trading ForTrading ship(s) will trade resources for their commanding station. 
 Mimic ForShip(s) will copy the commander's default behaviourOnly available for select default behaviours

Fleet Orders

Recall SubordinatesOrders all subordinates to return to and dock at (if possible) the commander 
Supply FleetResupply Ship(s) will resupply their fleetconsumes resources
Get SuppliesResupply Ship(s) will create buy orders for materialscosts the player credits
Repair and ResupplyResupply Ship(s) will resupply and repair their fleetconsumes resources
Restock SubordinatesResupply Ship(s) will restock their fleet with consumables (missiles, flares, etc)consumes resources
 Coordinate AttackA more advanced attack command with parameters for ship groupings and agression 


Default Behaviours


PatrolShip(s) will fly around a specified sector in a specified range and attack hostile ships and stations. 
PoliceShip(s) will patrol and scan ships in a specified sector in a specified range and attack ships with illicit goods that refuse to drop them. (When the player uses this command illicit wares are determined from the list under 'Global Orders'. it is best used in a player-controlled sector). 
Protect PositionShip(s) will defend their assigned position in a specified radius. 
Protect ShipShip(s) will follow and defend their assigned ship. 
Protect StationShip(s) will fly near and defend their assigned station. 



AutoMineMining ship will automatically mine and trade in a range based on skill level. 



Dock And WaitDock And Wait 
ExploreShip will move in a spiral shape to cover a specified radius of a sector. 
Follow ShipShip will follow a specified ship 
Fly to ObjectShip will fly to a specified object (can be ship/station/gate etc) and then wait. In the case of a ship it will follow the ship. 
Fly and WaitShip will fly to a specified point on the map and then stop and wait. 
Hold PositionShip will maintain current position either docked or undocked. It is the default behaviour for newly built/captured ships. 
Revisit known stationsShip will fly between stations in a chosen sector, dock at them temporarily, and then proceed to the next station. (It is most useful for leveling up pilots). 



Find Build TasksBuilder ship will fly slowly around the galaxy looking to build NPC stations. 
Distribute WaresShip (recommended for L traders) will buy a ware en masse from a specified whitelist at a station and sell it in smaller amounts to stations/resupply ships. 
Plunder"Waylay and steal from vulnerable ships or stations". Ship will attempt to attack NPC trade ships forcing them to drop their cargo and will then collect the cargo (cargo drones required) and take them back to a station.
the effectiveness of this command is uncertain and will undoubtedly get the player in trouble with faction police
AutoTradeShip (recommended for M/S traders) will buy a ware from a specified whitelist at a station and sell it to a station/resupply ship 


 Repeat OrdersAllows the ship to repeatedly complete a queue of orders, the first order will be executed after to final one creating a loopOnly available for select orders
 MimicCauses the ship to adopt its commander's default behaviourOnly available for select default behaviours


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