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Governing Faction: Largely lawless but the Argon Federation claims one sector

Map Coordinates: Various

Constituent Sectors

Encyclopedia Entry

Silent Witness has established itself as vitally important to galactic trade, as its ring highway is the main connection between Argon and Teladi space. Many traders frequently use the highway to ferry their wares between factions in the hopes of turning an honest profit.

However, not everyone shares their equitable and entrepreneurial spirit. Pilots are frequently harassed by pirates, and it is not uncommon for trade ships to vanish completely. Despite calls for improved security, only parts of the system have been claimed and are actively patrolled; it is simply too big a task to weed out the criminal elements inhabiting the further reaches of the system. Ultimately, though, the risk posed by outlaws does not outweigh the convenience of travel, and potential losses are counted as an acceptable cost of doing business.

Notable Stations


  • Highway Ring (SW1)
  • Sector-wide minefield (SW12)


With only Silent Witness I claimed and policed by the Argon Federation the other sectors are available for the player to claim without any contention. Additionally, the availability of mineral resources in the system and Silent Witness I's placement on the highway ring make it an incredibly attractive system to build a base of operations in.