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Reunion! The following page contains information relating to content from the Cradle of Humanity DLC

Governing Faction: Terran Protectorate

Map Coordinates: Various

Constituent Sectors

Encyclopedia Entry

As humanity's original home, this system holds a unique place in the hearts of those who still live there. In the time since humankind first threw off the shackles of Earth's gravity, the Sol system has been meticulously explored and mapped out. The majority of the system was gradually made accessible through a vast array of accelerators, connecting even the remote outer planets. These enabled colonists to settle further and further from Earth, and soon most of the Sol system was claimed.

Thanks to the system's size, and the explorers' surveying efforts, the inhabitants of the Sol system have access to an abundant supply of natural resources, giving them complete autonomy. Being already mostly self-sufficient, the inhabitants of Sol did not struggle much in the isolation brought on by the Jump Gate shutdown.

While the orbits of most planets have been populated, Mars, along with Earth and the Moon, are the most densely populated settlements. As a result, Sol's cultural and political landscapes revolve heavily around these three locations, and the Terran people are extremely protective of what they perceive to be the core of their system.

Notable Stations


  • Torus Aeternal Segment #34 (Earth)
  • Destroyed Jumpgate (Mars)


The largest system in the universe such that the entire Terran Protectorate economy is housed within Sol's borders. however, the Terran's simplistic but resource hungry factories often forces them to leave the system in search of more resources.