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Station Building

Stations that can be visited are not limited to just NPC ownership; the player can also construct their own stations from small factories to supply a a local niche to self-sufficient mega complexes and fortresses to control regions of space. Station costs can be estimated from blueprints. A simple station with just a basic dock and small platform will cost 2-3 million.

Very Basic Overview Of Building In Friendly Space

The following list isn't a recommended approach. It is just a basic overview of the minimum steps needed to build a simple station that that the rest of the page elaborates on in more detail.

  1. Open Map and select the Manage Plots tab
  2. Decide how big you want your Plot (top-left area)
  3. Click on "Create new plot"
  4. If the fee is too high, return to Manage Plot tab and click on 'red x' to delete the Plot (top-left area)
  5. Select a position on the map (z/x axis only)
  6. Left click and decide whether to buy a license
  7. When ready, click on "Continue"
  8. Place a Dock, then anything else in sequence
  9. When ready, click on "Confirm module placement"
  10. On Map, 'right mouse button' on the Plot and select "Manage funds"
  11. Provide funds to cover wares you won't be delivering yourself
  12. On Map, select Plot , 'right mouse button' on NPC Builder Ship, hire, and wait

Claiming A Plot

Open the Manage Plots tab of the Map and select a New Plot from the list at the top. In the middle are sliders for adjusting the size of the plot relative to the centre with the sum of the directions along an axis being able to range from 1-20. Click the Create New Plot button to be able to place the plot of the selected size on the map along the ecliptic by left clicking. The player then has the choice to pay the Real Estate Transfer Tax for the plot or to ignore it. The tax costs between 1,000 and 7,000 credits per km3 depending on location and notoriety with the faction who owns the sector. If the player ignores the tax the owning faction of the sector will attack any station modules built in that plot. Plots placed in Xenon or unowned sectors will not need to pay anything. The player can then click Continue to enter the Plan Build UI for station construction.

Construction Planning

The construction of a station requires some planning. It is only possible to plan stations using Blueprints that the player has already obtained (see below). Note that modules will be constructed in the order of their placement meaning priority modules should be placed first. The actual construction (i.e. hire a builder ship) should commence after all modules have been place and equipped with turrets and shield because any change on a module already build will recycle that module at the cost of part of the resources required. One of the upper right buttons of the construction screen provides the option to save the current construction and the player is encouraged to use that option frequently during the construction.

Station Module Blueprints

When starting the game the player has access to several basic Blueprints (BPs), which allows for building rudimentary stations. In order to construct more complex stations, and station defences (see "Station Defences" section below), further Blueprints must be acquired (e.g. for habitation, better docks or additional production modules). Blueprints are acquired from Faction Representatives, Data Leaks and Space Suit EMPs. As additional Blueprints are unlocked, they become listed in the player's Encyclopedia.

For a given gamestart, the available BPs are found in the Encyclopedia:

Faction Representatives will show you the full list of Station Module Blueprints their Faction offers. The Sector that a Faction Representative is based in is listed in the Faction's entry in the in-game Encyclopedia (expand the "Factions" group in the image above). If unsure what station they are on, you can ask local NPCs for directions.

The full list of modules available for Argon and Paranid stations are in the following images. Since the Teladi produce Teladianium-based equipment, they offer a Teladianium Production Module instead of a Refined Metals Production Module. Similarly, Teladi Representatives offer several modules that utilise Teladianium instead of Refined Metals but have the same name as their Argon and Paranid counterpart modules.

Construction Guide


  • Left mouse button is panning the screen
  • The scroll wheel is zooming in and out
  • Right click on a module opens a context window with option to remove or copy(*)
  • Left click on a module to select it and then right click and hold rotates the module horizontally (note: vertical rotation is not possible)

Placing modules
It is recommended to make the first placed module one from the Dock Modules category to enable a Manager to be assigned early on, the station to use drones (see Drone Management section below) and for the player to be able to dock their ships. The player can select a module they want built using the upper left window and then placing it on the plot.

The first module placed will have the height default to the ecliptic while subsequent modules can have their height adjusted using vertical connection points. Available connection points a placed module has are represented by white arrows, which will turn green and form a line with compatible connection points of modules selected for placement.

Many production, storage and habitation modules require connection points in a specific direction making Cross Connection modules very useful for forming a framework to attach other modules to.

Anchor modules
Selecting an anchor and moving it (left click and hold) will also move the sequence of all modules attached to it. This is useful in combination with the copy sequence option(see * above). The anchor module of a construction is usually the first placed, i.e. the module on the top of the list(**).

Disconnected modules
Modules will be build even if they are disconnected from any other module or only connected to some others but to to the entire construction. That can be useful, for example a defence module placed far out at the plot cube perimeter, but it can also be of great disadvantage, for example a resource production or a storage module because the wares will not be transferred. To detect disconnected modules move the anchor module(see ** above).

Merging/overlapping modules
It is possible to merge or overlap modules if the snap points allow it. This will not affect the functionality.

Station defences
Some modules can be equipped with turrets and shield. They can be identified by a plus symbol "+" behind their names. To add turrets and shield click that symbol to open the equipment menu. Similar to the equipment menu of ships there are optional preset loadouts available on the top right of the screen. It also allows to save a manually equipped loadout.

Starting construction
Once the player is happy with their design it should be saved, and a Builder type ship needs to be hired or assigned to the construction site. Click the Assign or hire a builder button to open the Object List of the Map, use this or the property Menu to find a player owned of NPC Builder ship which is not busy and right click it in the list to click the Select option. NPC Builders will charge 50k credits for their service.

Supplying The Build Storage With Construction Wares

The rate of construction is dependent on the available construction materials and the number of Building Drones the Builder ship has.

There are 3 ways to supply Wares to the Build Storage Module:

  1. Let your Station Manager take care of it automatically
  2. Order your Captains to deliver them via a Ware Transfer (any ship size)
  3. Manually deliver them personally in a Small or Medium Ship

Automatic Ware Supply

Under the Plan Build menu there is the "Manage buy offers for needed resources" tab, which has an option to transfer credits to the station Build Storage using the "Available money for construction" slider. The offered buying price for the construction materials can be set in the "Configure buy offers" sliders to determine how much of the money is spent on each resource. If the Build Storage has funds it will trade with NPC traders for the necessary resources until construction is completed or it runs out of credits.

Ware Transfer Supplying

Additionally it is possible to move resources directly into the build storage with the "Ware Exchange" menu. The player can manually use "Execute Trade orders" from the Map to buy construction materials for a cheaper price and then use the "Trade with and Transfer wares with..." commands to deliver the wares to the Build Storage for the station.

Select a transporter with a useful build resource (e.g. Energy Cells) and then right-click the station. Select the ware exchange action for the Build Storage. This allows wares to be moved directly from the ship to the storage. This method also allows more resources to be loaded at a build storage than are currently needed where they will remain available for future construction plans. This process can be conducted with ships of any size class.

Manual Ware Delivery

Although the Build Storage Module doesn't have a Map icon, they can be found in space close to the build site. Each Build Storage Modules has 2 Docking Cradles that support Small and Medium Ships.

As usually, the docking process involves approaching the Build Storage Module and requesting docking permission. However,Build Storage Modules do not have HUD icons and docking requests can only be initiated when close to the Cradles. This process is illustrated in the following images.

  1.  Top-down view of a Build Storage Module with Small/Medium Ship Cradles highlighted:
  2. Approach the centre area of a Cradle in your Small or Medium Ship:
  3. Approach the orange highlighting and request docking permission when the right-side monitor shows Build Storage Module details:
  4. Follow the docking guidance as usual:

Assigning Staff And Subordinates

To assign a Manager to a station the player will need to hire a Crewman/Crewoman from a platform and right click a player owned ship docked at the current station in the Property Owned menu before assigning them to a role as a Service Crew or Marine in the Selected Role tab on the right and clicking Hire. Alternatively crew can be obtained using the Upgrade Ship order at a Wharf, Shipyard or Equipment Dock. The ship with the crew must then fly to the player owned station and the crew member right clicked under the Information tab for the ship to select Comm before clicking "Work somewhere else for me" and selecting the player owned station in the Property Owned menu to have them assigned to the role of Manager under the Selected Role tab. To assign a Manager requires the station to have at least one Dock and Production type module.

Every crew member can be assigned into any role as long as the ships they go to or come from are currently docked. Of course a marine may not be the best manager, unless he learns the right skills. 

To add a subordinate ship to a station simply select the ship then right click the station in the Property Owned menu and choose one of the Assign Role for options.

Managing Stations

Most aspects of station operations are performed automatically by the Manager who will order subordinate ships to mine and trade for the station and automatically allocate the volume of storage space dedicated to each ware. With very few exceptions production modules will always operate at a profit. Stations are managed via settings on the Map and in the Logical Overview (see below).

Map-based Information Menu

  • Allows adding or removing Station funds:
    • The Station Account is used for trading and Drone Management (purchasing and replacing them)
    • The Funds for Station Construction cover Trade Offers for Wares needed for constructing new modules
  • Expand the Manager's info, to find the "Restrict trade to other factions" toggle if wishing to prevent trading with NPC ships

Logical Overview Menu

  • Provides the player will see a summary of the station production lines as well as how much of the allocated storage space is occupied by each ware
  • Allows adjusting trade parameters:
    • Left click individual wares to view inbound ships trading that ware
    • Adjust the Buy and Sell prices for the ware if the Automatic Pricing flag is disabled
    • Toggle the Restrict trade with other factions flag to prevent the ware being traded with NPC ships.

Station Defences

Stations can be built with Weapon Turrets and equipped with Defence Drones. Their Blueprints must be acquired beforehand however (see "Station Module Blueprints" section above).

At this time (v1.50), it is not possible to supply stations with missiles and so those turrets are not recommended for use at this time.

Drone Management

The supply and replacement of lost Drones can be done in two ways:

  • A player-owned CV can be used to manually transfer Drones to a station
  • The Logical Overview cab be setup to instruct the Manager to produce and replace lost Drones automatically (see below)

Drone management with the Logical Overview:

  1. Ensure you have a Manager working on the station

  2. Locate the "Drones" section:

  3. Expand the "Drones" section:

  4. User the "Target Amount" sliders to set the numbers of Drones you wish to maintain:
    • Alternatively, left-click on the slider and then press Enter to enable typing the number of credits
  5. Check the appropriate "Restock...automatically" buttons
  6. Return to the Logical Overview and expand the "Station Account" section:
  7. Provide suitable funds for Drone component purchase (as per point 4)
  8. The Station should now offer Buy Orders for required Drone Parts, Energy Cells and Smart Chips:


  1. Anonymous

    Station Plots, can they be changed AFTER they are created and claimed?

    1. Anonymous

      They can, I believe (have not personally done) be fully deconstructed and reconstructed elsewhere for free buy a construction ship. You can expand your plot freely from either the station info screen or the new plot screen, not sure which.

    2. Anonymous

      Yes you can. Just go to your "manage plots" menu, select the one you want to enlarge and you can add plotsize in 1km steps for each direction (X, Y, Z).
      Please be aware that you'll have to pay an additional plot licence according to your added space.

      1. Anonymous

        You can always increase the size afterwards but you are not able to decrease the size if you had bought more than you actually needed.

  2. Anonymous

    I'd like a chapter on skills and the effect of stars on pilots/traders/marines/managers and their abilities. In what way is a 3 star station manager better than a 2 star one?

    1. Anonymous

      I believe it's number of ships that the station can run at a time. And maybe how fast the ship orders update.

  3. Anonymous

    Missing Feature: Sale Plots and Stations to NPC faction owning the sector

  4. Anonymous

    I current mssing the feature to set a ware to not buy them or export them. I know that i can set it that only my Station with each other share them, but i would like the possibility to stop import /export stuff. And please give me the option to set the limits for the wares. i build a station with 2 m cargo and 1 s cargo and the station manager only set it up that i can store 30k Energy Cells, and only 1600 Meat.

    1. Feedback on the game isn't gathered from the wiki. Please use the Egosoft forum for this purpose.

  5. Anonymous

    I have a 5 x 5 x 5 plot, with the intention of building a large complex. First, I have put together the top models, these include 5 docking pads. With clear space above for ships to come in and out. However! When ships approach the station, they fly down to the plots cube center! Then thread their way up through the structure to the docks on top! Then when taking off the fly back down through the structure to the cube center to then fly away.

    This is rather silly!

    Is there a way to identify the focal point for shipping lanes to and from the dock?

    1. I don't know the answer to this but it is an interesting question.

      Please provide tis feedback via the Egosoft forum where Devs wil see it.

    2. Anonymous

      Ships appear to use the plot marker as their initial waypoint prior to selecting a docking bay.


      You can somewhat control their behaviour by creating a dock with only + values, thereby having the plot marker at the far end of the plot and putting your docks nearest.

    3. Anonymous

      Currently (1.5) ships do first fly to the plot marker and then to a suitable docking bay.

      The best workaround I've found is to

      1. create and buy the smallest possible plot
      2. inrease plot size

      The first step fixes the plot marker and it remains there as the size is increased.

  6. Anonymous

    I believe the focal point is the centre of the cube - you can identify this when you first start building by placing your first module and then pressing the dice (shuffle) symbol which centres it for you

  7. Anonymous

    right now i am unable to assign anyone as a station manager. tells me that this person cannot work here. no matter who i try, no matter what race or skill level. ship is docked at the station. but, cannot assign the role. must be another of the many bugs this game has.

    1. After you have shared an unmodified save with Egosoft where this can be observed, they will be able to see what is happening. That may entail fixing a bug, or it may entail explaining the process in the Manual in a different way.

    2. Does the station have a dock and production module?

    3. Anonymous

      I had the same issue, so I thought, then I reread it, and realized I had assigned a manager earlier and it was asking me for a subordinate (a hauler) to be assigned.

  8. Anonymous

    for some reason i cannot log in here as i can on the forums but ok . username Bobzillah

    is there anyway to disable the damn green lines that show up when building ? its getting super annoying example.:

    also to remove a plot i need to destroy the last station piece by hand wich is getting very very annoying .
    the person that pays me the money to build the station shut get ownership of it or give us a way to sell it or nuke it.... waisting alot of time to keep my overview clear and clean with station i want and the ships i control .example .: and this is cause i got freaking tired of keep destroying my stations . hope you guys fix that soon. 

    1. There was a hotkey to disable the connection lines. I forget the exact one but Shift + H could be it.

      1. Anonymous

        trying a few things out but Shift H just puts the window away (tongue)


  9. Being unable to log into the wiki is normal (see here for info).

    Regarding wiki-feedback on the game, please see my earlier replies above.

  10. Anonymous

    This does not work. Tried quite few times.  This is just damn fuck up. There is no way to deliver claim plot. Egosoft get your shit together... If someone builds stations according to specs mission should follow through.

  11. Anonymous

    when you do the build missions dont be in the sector as it builds, also turrets can be an issue on these missions.


    Here is a good explanation 

  12. Anonymous

    I think you forgot to place down the notes denoted by the ( * ) and ( ** ) by the text. Or I'm blind, in which case, where are they please?

    1. Thanks for asking. They are in pairs and are intended to refer to each other. I've adjusted the way they are represented to try to make that clearer.

  13. Anonymous

    Hello, any idea whats the difference between basic and standard dock blueprint?

    1. Anonymous

      The look of it. Basic looks run down and had barb wire and stuff. Standard looks like most docs. There is a luxury one too that just looks prettier.

  14. Anonymous

    The list of station modules is missing at least meat and wheat production. If this list is version specific, please indicate this!
    If not, please provide a proper up-to-date list and a description of the stats (i.e. production, inhabitants, hull, build time reduction per drone, ingredients, products) of each module available to the player for construction. Worthy of it's name: "manual".

    OR don't make me find all modules before they shop up in an in-game encyclopedia. I would like to use an encyclopedia according to it's definition: looking up stuff I don't know before I know about it!

  15. Anonymous

    What &^%&^%&^ crazy nut case did the Drone routine ? My HQ had 720 drone spaces, I set 600 for defence drones, and I got 720 cargo drones, not a single defence or repair drone, what the hell is going on ?



    1. @leona - Best create a post in the support forum to trace down what's going wrong on that side:

    2. Stations allocating the wrong number of drones and the buttons for toggling drone numbers changing the wrong ones are known bugs which will hopefully be fixed in the enar future.

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