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Stations are constructed from modules which act independently of each other but can be connected together to allow for the efficient transfer of wares between modules without the need for drones or ships. To construct a station module requires the corresponding Blueprint and for the station Build Storage to have enough wares for construction by an assigned Build type ship.

Station modules are classified according to function:

  • Build: Produce, equip and repair ships
  • Defence: Heavily armed modules for protecting the station and claiming ownership of entire sectors
  • Dock: Allow ships of various sizes to dock at the station
  • Habitation: Houses the station workforce which require Medical Supplies and food specific to the of faction.
  • Other: Used to connect modules to other modules or act as spacers
  • Production: Produces specific wares, usually by consuming other wares
  • Storage: Stores wares of the corresponding storage type
  • Venture: Special modules with unique functions which are usually the rewards of plots


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