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Spoilers ahead


This page contains spoilers about the total number of sectors as well as their names and resources. If you want a spoiler-free introduction take a look at the The X-Universe And Map page

Universe Structure

The X-universe consists of 50 Systems, with each System being constructed of up to 3 Sectors. Objects in Sectors sit in Zones, which can be considered to be things within radar range of an object. The location of systems and sectors, how they connect to each other, as well as the location of major Factions stations like shipyards and trade stations are the same in any game start (with the exemption of the tutorials).

In total there are 63 sectors linked by Super Highways (between relatively-close sectors in a system), Orbital Accelerators (between very distant sectors in a system) or Jump Gates (between systems). You may also occasionally discover Anomalies, which provide 1-way routes to a random anomaly in another sector. For further details about the features that connect systems and sectors, see the The X-Universe And Map page of the manual. Basics on how to efficiently travel through the universe can be found on the Piloting And Travel page.

With Split Vendetta DLC

More Jump Gates have reconnected to the universe adding 26 new Systems to the north of the network with a total of 30 new Sectors to explore. With these new sectors come new routes between known space, fresh opportunities for exploitation and additional Xenon threats

X4:Foundations & Split Vendetta Universe Map

Click to zoom in

X4: Foundations Sector List

Approximate amount of resources: (green star)- high (> 1 km/3)(star) - medium ( 0.1 - 1 km/3); (red star) - low (0.0001 - 0.099 km/3)


Antigone Memorial

Antigone RepublicHydrogen, Ice, (star)Nividium, Ore and Silicon

Atiya's Misfortune I

XenonHydrogen, Nividium and Ore

Atiya's Misfortune III

Xenon Hydrogen, (star)Nividium, Ore and Silicon

Argon Prime

Argon FederationOre and Silicon

Black Hole Sun IV

Argon FederationHelium, Hydrogen, Methane, (red star)Nividium, Ore and Silicon

Black Hole Sun V

Argon FederationHelium, Hydrogen and Methane

Bright Promise

Teladi CompanyNone

Cardinal's Redress

Holy Order of the PontifexHydrogen, Helium and Silicon
Company RegardTeladi CompanyNone
Eighteen BillionTeladi CompanyHelium, Methane, Ore and Silicon
Faulty Logic IXenon Hydrogen, Ore and Silicon
Faulty Logic VIIXenon Hydrogen, Ore and Silicon
Frontier EdgeAntigone RepublicHydrogen, Ore and Silicon
Getsu FuneAntigone RepublicIce, Ore and Silicon
Grand Exchange ITeladi CompanyHydrogen, Ice, Nividium, Ore and Silicon
Grand Exchange IIITeladi CompanyHelium, Hydrogen, Ice, Methane, Nividium, Ore and Silicon
Grand Exchange IVTeladi CompanyHydrogen, Nividium, Ore and Silicon
Hatikvah's Choice IHatikvah Free LeagueNone

Hatikvah's Choice III

Argon FederationHelium, Hydrogen, Ice, Methane, (star)Nividium, Ore and Silicon

Heretics End


Hewa's Twin I

Teladi CompanyHelium, Hydrogen, Methane,  (star)Nividium, Ore and Silicon

Hewa's Twin II

Teladi CompanyHelium, Hydrogen, Methane, Nividium, Ore and Silicon

Hewa's Twin III

Teladi CompanyNone
Hewa's Twin IV The CoveNoneNone
Hewa's Twin VNoneOre and Silicon

Holy Vision

Holy Order of the PontifexHelium, Hydrogen, Ice, Methane, (star)Nividium, Ore and Silicon

Ianamus Zura IV

Teladi CompanyHelium, Hydrogen, Ice and Methane

Ianamus Zura VII

Teladi CompanyHydrogen, Ice,  (star)Nividium, Ore and Silicon

Lasting Vengeance

Holy Order of the PontifexNone

Matrix #9

Xenon Methane,  (star)Nividium, Ore and Silicon

Matrix #451

Xenon Hydrogen, Ore and Silicon

Matrix #79B

Xenon Hydrogen

Memory Of Profit IX

Teladi CompanyHydrogen, Ice, (star)Nividium, Ore and Silicon

Memory Of Profit X

Teladi CompanyNone

Morning Star III

Argon FederationNone

Morning Star IV

Argon FederationHelium, Hydrogen, Ice,  (red star)Nividium, Ore and Silicon

Nopileos' Fortune II

NoneHydrogen, Ice,  (red star)Nividium, Ore and Silicon

Nopileos' Fortune VI


Path To Profit

Teladi CompanyHydrogen

Pious Mists II

GodRealm of the ParanidNone

Pious Mists IV

GodRealm of the ParanidMethane, Ore and Silicon

Pious Mists XI

GodRealm of the ParanidHelium, Hydrogen, (star)Nividium, Ore and Silicon

Pontifex's Claim

Holy Order of the PontifexHelium, Hydrogen, Ice and Methane

Profit Center Alpha

Teladi CompanyNone

Sacred Relic

GodRealm of the ParanidNone

Scale Plate Green I

Xenon Hydrogen,  (star)Nividium, Ore and Silicon

Scale Plate Green VII

Xenon None

Second Contact II Flashpoint

Antigone RepublicHydrogen, Ice, (star)Nividium, Ore and Silicon

Second Contact VII

Antigone Republic(star)Nividium, Ore and Silicon

Second Contact XI

Antigone Republic Ore and Silicon

Silent Witness I

Argon FederationHydrogen

Silent Witness XI

NoneIce,  (red star)Nividium and Ore

Silent Witness XII

NoneOre and Silicon

Tharka's Cascade XV

Xenon Hydrogen, Nividium, Ore and Silicon

Tharka's Cascade XVII

Xenon Hydrogen, Ore and Silicon

The Reach

Argon FederationOre

The Void

Antigone RepublicHelium, Hydrogen, Ice, Methane, Nividium, Ore and Silicon

Trinity Sanctum III

GodRealm of the Paranid

Helium, Hydrogen, Ice, Methane,  (red star)Nividium, Ore and Silicon

Trinity Sanctum VII

GodRealm of the ParanidHelium, Hydrogen, Ice, Methane, (star) - (green star)Nividium, Ore and Silicon

True Sight

Holy Order of the PontifexNone
Turquoise Sea IXNoneHydrogen,  (star)Nividium, Ore and Silicon
Turquoise Sea XNoneHydrogen,  (star)Nividium, Ore and Silicon

Unholy Retribution

GodRealm of the ParanidNone

Split Vendetta Sector List

Split fight with honour! The following section contains information relating to the Split Vendetta DLC


Eleventh HourArgon FederationNone
Emperor's Pride IVXenonNone
Emperor's Pride VIXenonOre and Silicon
Family KrittZyarth PatriarchyIce, Ore and Silicon
Family NhuutZyarth PatriarchyHelium, Hydrogen, Ice, Methane, Ore and Silicon
Family TkrFree FamiliesNone
Family ZhinZyarth PatriarchyHelium, Hydrogen, Ice, Methane, (red star)Nividium, Ore and Silicon
Fires of VictoryFree FamiliesNone
Guiding Star VArgon FederationNone
Guiding Star VIIArgon FederationIce
Heart of Acrimony I The BoneyardNoneOre and Silicon
Heart of Acrimony IIFree FamiliesHydrogen, Ice, Ore and Silicon
Litany of Fury IXGodRealm of the ParanidNone
Litany of Fury XIIGodRealm of the ParanidNone
Matrix #598XenonHydrogen, Ice, Ore and Silicon
Open MarketTeladi CompanyNone
Rhy's DefianceXenonNone
Tharka's Ravine IV Tharka's FallXenonHelium, Hydrogen and Methane
Tharka's Ravine VIIIFree FamiliesHelium, Hydrogen, Ice and Methane
Tharka's Ravine XVIFree FamiliesIce, Ore and Silicon
Tharka's Ravine XXIVFree FamiliesNone
Thuruk's Demise II First ImpactFree FamiliesNone
Thuruk's Demise IIIFree FamiliesNone
Two GrandTeladi CompanyNone
Wretched Skies IV Family ValkaZyarth PatriarchyNone
Wretched Skies V Family PhiZyarth PatriarchyNone
Wretched Skies XGodRealm of the ParanidIce, Ore and Silicon
Zyarth's Dominion IZyarth PatriarchyNone
Zyarth's Dominion IVZyarth PatriarchyNone
Zyarth's Dominion XZyarth PatriarchyNone

Cradle of Humanity Sector List

Reunion! The following section contains information relating to content from the Cradle of Humanity DLC



(red star)


  1. Anonymous

    layout of the universe in X4:Foundations is highly randomised on game start

    Is it? I found a map on the forums which looks exactly the same as mine.

  2. Anonymous

    Map is not random.

  3. Anonymous

    The placement of things within the sectors can be random. Some are fixed. The sectors themselves are not random.

  4. Anonymous

    Someone should make a map file pdf of the entire explored "Vanilla" universe

  5. It is on the to do list.

  6. Anonymous

    If there are any issues with the map feel free to pm me

    -Stoats not Goats

  7. Anonymous

    Instead of a PDF of the map (if that is even still on the to do list), wouldn't an SVG version be even better? The vector format seems very appropriate, would be indefinitely scalable, and could be processed into a PDF, PNG, or any other format, on the user's end...

    Thanks for considering.

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