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Short Name: TEL

Moniker(s): The Company

Race Description

The lizard-like Teladi are one of the founding members of the Community of Planets and have a natural affinity towards business and the accumulation of profit. They enjoy favourable relations with other races although some find their drive for profit disconcerting. Their long lifespan gives them a unique view of the Jump Gate shutdown, as does their previous experience being cut off from their home system of Ianamus Zura.

Faction Description

The Teladi Company took to space travel relatively recently, at least compared to other factions. Everything they do is driven by their overriding imperative to turn a profit. They expand their reach in the hopes of coming across potential new trading partners and novel, exciting technologies they can sell. As the name implies, their organisation is structured like a company, with a CEO in the leadership position, surrounded by a board of directors. The Company's internal divisions are governed by Chairmen, who are given a lot of room to manoeuvre, as long as their policies increase the bottom line. As a result of this outlook, it is not uncommon for Chairmen to be in league with pirates and smugglers.


  • Teladi Trade Guild




The Teladi Space Company controls much of the base-game jumpgate network and is located in the top-right of the map with discontinuous territories split by the Godrealm of the Paranid in the right of the map. The Teladi Company also shares several borders with the Xenon, the only faction hostile to the Telaid.

With the addition of the Split Vendetta DLC the Teladi Company gain a few more sectors towards the top of the map and is sandwiched by the Zyarth and Free Families sectors. The Cradle of Humanity DLC does not add any new sectors to the Teladi's influence.


The Teladi Company constructs the vanguard variants of ships at their wharves and shipyards. They can, however, often be observed to field the sentinel variants of ships which are produced by the Ministry of Finance. Teladi ships are typically slow and heavily shielded with significant cargo capacity making them popular traders but unpopular for combat vessels.


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