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Updated for version 5.10, TODO: Add resource requirements for each project


Prerequisites for Terraforming

  • High mass teleportation researched, and spoken to Boso Ta afterwards
  • Have a module to construct M and S ships on the HQ
  • Have storage capabilities for container, solid and liquid wares on the HQ
  • Accept a terraforming mission
  • Teleport the HQ to the sector specified by the mission briefing
  • Open the terraforming menu (this is a new icon at the top of the screen, it looks like a planet with a gear) and select a project to work on

Once started, construction and delivery are automatic as long as the required resources are provided.

Terraforming Rewards

Spoilers Ahead

This section contains spoilers about Terraforming rewards

Atiya's MisfortuneAtiya's Misfortune I/IIIAtiya's Misfortune eImpossible

Antigone expansion into Atiya's Misfortune

The Antigone Republic is able to build an extra shipyard for a total of two shipyards, the Republic will try and build this second shipyard in Atiya's Misfortune before trying anywhere else

Black Hole SunBlack Hole Sun III/IVHadesVery Hard A 5 star crewwoman (She will be initially located on the Player Headquarters)
Eighteen BillionEighteen BillionEighteen Billion cVery HardNothing
Frontier EdgeFrontier EdgeMessnerVery Hard

Antigone expansion into Frontier Edge

The Republic can field more military vessels

Antigone is able to build an extra Wharf and will first try and build it in Frontier Edge

Getsu FuneGetsu FuneShiokazeHard

Antigone expansion into Getsu Fune

The Republic can field more military vessels

Antigone is able to build an extra Trading Station and will first try and build it in Getsu Fune

Memory of ProfitMemory of Profit IXMemory of Profit i IHardNividium workshop which allows for a permanent market for nividium. The size of the nividium market is proportional to the size of the population established on the planet
Scale Plate GreenScale Plate Green I/VIINature's ProfitVery Hard

Scale Plate Pact reputation no longer locker at -5

Ownership of a significant amount of the Pact's former ships

Visual Impact of Terraforming

Spoilers Ahead

This section contains screenshots demonstrating the outcome of Terraforming projects

Atiya's Misfortune

Black Hole Sun

Eighteen Billion

Frontier Edge

Getsu Fune

Memory of Profit

Scale Plate Green

Standard Terraforming Projects

NameResource RequirementsDescription
Reflective Cloud Particles
Several strategically placed dispersal facilities spray an aerosol of highly reflective particles into the upper layers of the troposphere. This will decrease the amount of sunlight reaching and warming the surface
These holes may seem deceptively primitive at first, but with depths in the tens of kilometres, they pose a significant engineering challenge
Black Dust
There really is no more to this than sprinkling dark particles across the surface in order to increase the amount of energy the world absorbs from its sun's rays. The amount of material required is quite staggering, though
Excite Outer Core
It requires a massive amount of material and energy, but it is theoretically possible to induce sufficient movement in the world's outer core to make it produce a stable magnetosphere
Brake Outer Core
It requires a massive amount of material and energy, but it is theoretically possible to slow down the flows in the world's outer core, dampening the magnetosphere to a level that is harmless to electronics, while retaining its beneficial properties
Import Water
Without readily available water sources, there are not many alternatives to importing it
Planetary Irrigation
A massive system of canals, pumps and treatment facilities can provide most of the benefits of rivers with a reasonable, if still tremendous, amount of imported water
Global Water Surfacing
Most worlds, even seemingly dry ones, have vast amounts of water hidden in subterranean caves and aquifers. We now have the technology to raise and make use of that water on a global scale
Import Methane
Imported methane can not only have a positive effect on atmospheric pressure, as a potent greenhouse gas it also helps to warm up a cold world
Methane Oxidisers
Gigantic fans blow the methane-heavy air through filters containing zeolite powder. The trapped methane is then periodically heated to form and release carbon dioxide (Oxidise Methane)
Carbon Mineralisers
When forced through tunnels containing a high surface area of certain minerals, carbon dioxide can be made to crystallise into a solid, removing it from the atmosphere entirely (Mineralise Carbon)
Targeted Outgassing
By letting loose swarms of carbon-eating nanites, we can release massive amounts of nitrogen into the atmosphere. They are programmed to stop at exactly the ideal air pressure
Clean Up Toxins
Now that the sources of toxins have been dealt with, we need to clean up the damage that's been done. It won't come cheap, but at least we'll be able to breathe the air
Volcano Caps
These structures are not mere physical plugs that block eruptions. A variety of systems, including vents and sprinklers controlled by a specialised AI, takes proactive measures to prevent the conditions that lead to eruptions in the first place
Tectonic Scaffolding
Lattices of self-organising smart matter find friction points between tectonic plates and release tensions in a controlled manner
Clean Up Radioactive Contamination
Swarms of specialised drones to seek out and gather irradiated substances, enough material to entomb them, and gigantic filters to cleanse the air make this a horrendously costly undertaking. Unfortunately, it is not optional if people are going to live here outside of shielded environments
Tailored Microbes
It will be a considerable effort, but we can genetically engineer an ecosystem of microbes that is specifically designed to thrive in this world's environment

Jumpstart Microbiome

Why spend money and resources creating the perfect set of organisms when we can make nature do the hard work for us? Sure, basically throwing piles of biomatter around and seeing what sticks isn't very distinguished, but it might just work!

Microbial Culling
Through careful use of antibiotics, both tailored and wide-spectrum, the microbiome must be curbed before productive use of this world is possible

These photosynthetic bacteria can be a vital part of a world's oxygen cycle

Genetically Modify Toxic Fruit

A tailored virus, capable of sophisticated genetic modifications, should result in local fauna no longer releasing toxins into the air
Cull Toxic Fruit

We can release parasites that should eat only the toxic fruit. This will require a certain amount of trial and error, though, and may have adverse side-effects

Cull Parasites

The parasites have unfortunately adapted to feed on other fruit as well. If we don't get rid of them, we will have a much harder time with agriculture

Reintroduce Local Flora
This planet was the home of the sunrise flower and swamp plant that are now staples of the spacefaring Teladi diet. With the conditions for their growth having been restored, we can reintroduce them and restore some of the planet's former glory
Geothermal Power Plant
While primitive versions of this technology relied on steam turbines, advanced materials now allow for efficient use of the Seebeck effect to generate power from large heat differentials without any moving parts
Wind Turbine Farm
When it's available, wind power can be a very cost-effective method of generating power
Matter/Antimatter Power Plant

Based on the same technology that powers vessels and facilities in space, matter/antimatter is a powerful but costly solution for planetside power generation

Clean Refineries
These fully automated facilities refine locally mined resources into various materials

Cheap Refineries

These fully automated facilities refine locally mined resources into various materials. To keep costs down, they have not been outfitted with emission filters
Retrofit Emission Filters
Unfortunately the local minerals contain toxic substances that are being released during the refining process. We will have to stop these emissions before attempting a cleanup


These automated facilities produce advanced technology when supplied with materials

Von-Neumann Constructors
These self-replicating drones have been outfitted with logarithmic brakes to prevent a runaway scenario at a fundamental level while still allowing them to react to demand at the proper scale. In addition, they are controlled by specialised AI systems which lack the capability to alter their own programming. This makes them a safe, if less effective, version of the original Terraformer designs

While sometimes there is no alternative, this method of food production is much more expensive than conventional farming, and yields inferior products as well

Fertilise Soil
With a healthy microbiome, we can begin to make the land arable. This requires soil with sufficient drainage, the right pH, necessary nutrients in plant-accessible form, and all of that at a depth sufficient for roots to take hold. A significant effort, to be sure, but absolutely necessary before any large scale settlement can take place
Planting and cultivating large arboreal areas does not just make for picturesque postcards; it can also greatly contribute to a stable ecological system
Wheat Fields
While these plants can have a beneficial effect on the global ecology, their main purpose is, of course, feeding the human population
Sunrise Flower Fields
While these plants can have a beneficial effect on the global ecology, their main purpose is, of course, feeding the Teladi population
Soja Bean Fields
While these plants can have a beneficial effect on the global ecology, their main purpose is, of course, feeding the Paranid population
Scruffin Fields
While these plants can have a beneficial effect on the global ecology, their main purpose is, of course, feeding the Split population
Bubble City
Several layers of self-repairing sheets made from an advanced plastic keep the air inside and maintain a temperate climate, while shielding from dangerous radiation and even micrometeorites. Many complex pieces of technology interoperate to create a stable, even somewhat comfortable environment inside
Habitation Module
Rows of sleeping capsules attached to a common living area and shared facilities make this a quick and cheap way of creating living accommodation. It doesn't offer much in the way of privacy, though
High-Density Housing
Apartments of varying sizes afford appropriate living conditions for individuals and groups alike. The efficient use of space helps prevent urban sprawl, reducing strain on the local transportation system
An almost completely self-sustaining complex. From living space to various services and light industries, many of the inhabitants will rarely need to venture out of their complex
Luxury Housing
Whether it's classic opulence or modern minimalism, a proper villa remains a popular status symbol of the wealthy elite
Martial Arts School

While rooted in combat applications, the appeal of martial arts goes way beyond self-defence. Mental and spiritual aspects are often as important as physical ones, perhaps more so

This project constructs the martial arts school required by the martial arts tournament, it is built to upgrade crew boarding skill

Host Martial Arts Tournament

Calling participants from all over the galaxy! Compete for honour, glory, prize money, and the ultimate reward: employment!

Running this project will allow the upgrading of crew boarding skill

Aerial Maze

A combination of underground tunnels and above-ground structures is made into an obstacle course for daring pilots. There are several courses for different skill levels, the most difficult ones being outfitted with simulated hazards and even incoming fire.

An especially winding system of canyons has been converted into an obstacle course for daring pilots. There are several courses for different skill levels, the most difficult ones being outfitted with simulated hazards and even attacks.

This project constructs the aerial maze required by the maze-run competition, it is built to upgrade crew piloting skill

Host Maze-Run Competition

A drowsy Argnu can fly in space. Do you have what it takes to perform daring manoeuvres in atmo, navigating narrow tunnels while dodging hazards, incoming fire and other contestants? Make it onto the podium and you'll not only get the prize money, you'll also be offered a top position in the organiser's fleet!

Running this project will allow the upgrading of crew piloting skill

Theme Park
From colourful rides for the little ones to high-speed contraptions for adrenaline junkies, from affordable concession stands to a selection of variety shows, we offer tons of fun for everyone!
 Observe and learn about the native wildlife in re-creations of their natural habitats. Ethical treatment of all animals is guaranteed.
Live Performance Venues
From cosy comedy clubs to theatrical stages and giant concert halls, everyone can find something they will love here
Tropical Resort
Beaches. Spas. Yoga classes. Marinas. Several buffets and all-you-can-drink cocktails. Relaxation has a new name
Winter Sports Resort
Spend the day enjoying our many ski slopes, ice rinks and sledding hills, then wind down with a hot beverage in front of a crackling fire
Fine Dining
Whether it's imported delicacies or local specialities, good food is always popular
Whether it's a Split Ancestral Hall, a shrine to the Holy Three-Dimensionality, or a non-denominational spiritual sanctuary, this place will bring the community closer together
A state-of-the-art hospital with diagnosis, treatment and care facilities. This will not only increase the population's well-being, but also means that we will have first right of refusal on providing shipments of medical supplies in perpetuity
Send Medical Supplies
The clinic's stockpile is running low, so they're asking for a new shipment of supplies
Research Campus

A centre for learning and groundbreaking, if not usually practical research, this will be sure to attract bright minds and provide ample opportunities to get a share of those government grants

Send Research Materials
A research group has received a sizeable grant and is asking for various materials to carry out experiments


You've got to spend Credits to make Credits. But what to do if you don't have any to start with? Why, get a loan, of course! This bank will put you in contact with innovative entrepreneurs, champing at the bit for a chance to disrupt the market
 Fund Start-Up
Conventional wisdom says that nine out of ten innovations fail. Success usually pays out enough to make the risks worth it, but you still shouldn't bet your entire fortune on it. Still a lot better than playing the lottery, though
Nividium Workshop
Leveraging an old brand-name, this facility manufactures a range of high-end products with a luxurious Nividium finish
Send Nividium
The workshop is running low on Nividium and requires a new shipment
Spice Fields
Spices are an absolutely essential component of any well-made meal


Several local grapes are very well suited for being turned into exquisite beverages, alcoholic and otherwise. We can cultivate them with relatively little effort.
Art College
An institution that teaches a wide diversity of artistic crafts, but also frequently organises exhibitions and other cultural events

Xenon Terraforming Projects (Not Implemented)

Xenon Terraforming projects exist inside the game's code but have not been implemented.

NameResource RequirementsDescription
Claim District
Using a system of precisely pulsed EMP bursts, we can disable the Xenon units in this area and then destroy them with targeted bombings. This leaves the infrastructure intact for potential future use
Destroy District
We can level this district with a considerable quantity of explosives. It may be cheaper than the alternative, and make it harder for the Xenon to retake control, but it will also mean the loss of very useful infrastructure
Under Xenon control
Xenon drones regularly patrol this district, preventing us from passing through it


The Xenon presence has been curbed for the time being, making it safe to pass through
Without anything to protect, the Xenon are ignoring this ruined district for the time being, making it safe to pass through
Habitation District
Impossibly tall skyscrapers, each one providing ample living space for millions of inhabitants
Commerce District
Situated on and just below the surface, this district has the perfect infrastructure for all kinds of shops and services
Farming District
Cascading tiers of fully automated fields, efficiently irrigated and supplied with ample sunlight via a complex system of mirrors and lenses, provide more than enough yield to feed even the maximum population of the habitation district it's attached to
Administration District
In addition to office space for the governing body, this district also houses the local data centre

Industrial District

Massive refineries automatically extract and process minerals from the ground. These get distributed to the surrounding factories as needed, controlled by a governing AI
Recreation District
Theatres, bars, parks, VR arcades, zoos, sporting grounds, restaurants, water parks, concert halls. These are just some of the many venues this district is designed to house
Subvert AGI Core
Our coding experts say that they have devised a theoretical method of sending remote commands to the Xenon AGI core. Due to its inherent mutable nature, they are unable to predict the success of any given attempt, and have just given me an estimation of "more likely than rolling a crit in Gunners & Goners". If successful, we will tell the AGI and all of its drones to self-delete, leaving the entire area Xenon-free

Detonate Reactor

Now that we have access, it just takes the push of a button to level the entire area, and all Xenon presence within it. This will destroy all connected districts, so we'll have to start from scratch if we aim to have people living here
Xenon Reclaim
Xenon combat drones are mobilising to retake this district. They will soon reclaim it unless we do something to stop them
Xenon Rebuild
Xenon constructor drones are rebuilding this district. They will soon reclaim it unless we do something to stop them
EMP Xenon Drones
Using a system of precisely pulsed EMP bursts, we can disable the Xenon units in this area and then destroy them with targeted bombings. This leaves the infrastructure intact for potential future use
Bombard Xenon Drones
We can stop their efforts by simply carpet-bombing the drones.This will undoubtedly level this district, though.The damage could possibly spill over to another district

Terraforming Events

Terraforming events will occur when certain environmental conditions have been met and can occur repeatedly without player involvement

Ice MeltThe global temperature has risen enough to melt the ice in the equatorial regions. The released water vapour has had a significant effect on atmospheric pressure
Global Warming

The greenhouse gases in the atmosphere have trapped enough heat to significantly increase the global temperature. Although the name might suggest the temperature will lower if global warming is addressed, it is not the case in version 5.00.
If global warming is active, it will cancel any project aiming to reduce temperature. Addressing global warming after completing temperature reduction projects will NOT retroactively show their effect.


Sensors are detecting an impending seismic event. Completed facilities have been hardened and will only suffer minor damage, but any ongoing construction is still vulnerable and likely to experience a setback

When a quake happens there is a chance of losing a certain percentage of progress on the current project. The chance depends on the "Seismic Activity" stat. 1 means a chance of 10% to lose 20% of progress, 2 means a chance of 20% to lose 20% of progress, 3 means a chance of 30% to lose 20% of progress plus a chance of 5% to lose 75% of progress. (source:



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