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Governing Faction: Xenon

Map Coordinates:

Constituent Sectors

Encyclopedia Entry

Tharka’s Cascade represents the last evidence available to the Jump Gate network that the Split Patriarchy survived the Jump Gate shutdown. Relatively unexplored due to both natural dangers and the unhindered spread of Xenon fleets throughout the system, its name is only known because of a brief Argon Federation scouting mission that uncovered the passages of a member of Family Tharka as she attempted to flee the area in the face of an as of yet unknown danger referred to in the files as 'the Fade'.

Notable Stations


  • Unidirectional local highway (TC15)
  • Sector-wide hazardous region (shield only) (TC15)
  • Debris field (TC15)
  • Aqueducts (TC17)
  • Assorted special Xenon stations


Tharka's Cascade is the gateway system to the largest region of Xenon sectors (with the addition of CoH) that contains 3 systems and 5 sectors with 4 of those sectors containing resources.

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