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Split fight with honour! The following page contains information relating to the Split Vendetta DLC

Governing Faction: Free Families, minor Xenon presence

Map Coordinates: Various

Constituent Sectors

Encyclopedia Entry

This system was first explored by the Split Patriarch Tharka, whose family were venturing into the unknown after the Argon Federation denied them access to the Boron territories. Tharka was once a powerful family, but conflicts with Patriarch Rhonkar and dwindling resources pushed them further and further into remote space. They were driven by the need to locate and settle planets rich in resources in order to repair their standing.

Tharka's Ravine represents the furthest family Tharka have come in their ambitious pursuit. However, the further they travelled, the more vulnerable they made themselves, and trailblazers can only endeavour so far before coming into contact with Xenon fleets. The Gate Shutdown only accelerated the decline of the Tharka family when they found themselves stretched thin, cut off from any outside aid, and trapped with a Xenon presence.

Notable Stations



The third largest system in the game with 4 sectors Tharka's Ravine serves as the principle resource system for the Free Families.

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