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Governing Faction: Antigone Republic

Map Coordinates: -6,1

Encyclopedia Entry

This was the first system claimed by the newly founded Antigone Republic after the Gates realigned. The inhabitants live close to a nebula which damages the hulls of ships that enter it, making this system a hostile and dangerous environment. In order to turn a profit, the people residing here are dependent on support from outside their own system. Since it is the bridge between Antigone Memorial same as and other trade-oriented communities, the Antigone Republic is going above and beyond in ensuring that it is a safe and stable place despite these difficulties.

Resource values


Resource Layout

Notable Stations


  • Hazardous region matching resource region locations
  • Data Vault (CoH)

Inter-System Connections


The hazardous region in this sector that exactly follows the resource areas is incredibly potent and will incur roughly 450MW of damage to all ships that enter the regions meaning that it will destroy anything that has less than and XL shield generator with enough time. It is consequently essential to forbid any mining activities in the system despite its generous offerings as the hazardous zones will destroy any and all miners. Trade and all other activities that avoid the areas can be carried out safely as ships will attempt to avoid the dangerous areas unless explicitly ordered to fly into them.

The system is also critical in any expansion or collapse of the Antigone Republic. Advances from the Xenon through Frontier Edge or Getsu Fune can serve to divide the Antigone Republic into two. Alternatively, the Void can serve as a staging ground for advances into Frontier Edge and Getsu Fune, enabling their annexation.

Glowing green asteroids alert the presence of the intense hazardous region (500MW damage)

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