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Split fight with honour! The following page contains information relating to the Split Vendetta DLC

Governing Faction:  Free Families

Map Coordinates: N/A

Former Name(s): Thuruk's Beard

Encyclopedia Entry

From Thuruk's Demise

Previously known as Thuruk's Beard, after the legendary Patriarch's infamous facial hair, this system used to be home to a large slave colony. The planet-bound colony was first founded in the days of the first unified space-faring Split Empire by Thuruk himself, but would only really rise to importance under Patriarch Chin t'Thhg. The thriving outpost provided the Split with ample workforce and raw resources, and had a significant impact on their military capabilities. During the Gate shutdown and Patriarch Rhonkar's abject failure to hold his empire together, the system quickly became a haven for the Free Families, who were looking to distance themselves from the Split feudal institution. Control over this system allowed Family Tkr to rise to prominence.

Shortly before tensions between Patriarch Zyarth and the rebellious Free Patriarchs escalated into open conflict, a catastrophic explosion devastated the planet, eradicating the colony and halting production on the outpost completely. Who was responsible for the disaster, as well as the exact cause of the event, is as of yet unknown. All the prevailing theories share in common that a weapons production facility was the epicentre of the explosion. However, several plausible alternatives exist: either the facility exploded due to negligent maintenance workers, a slave revolt got out of control, targeted sabotage from political opposition, or an experimental, high-powered projectile was launched from outside the stratosphere.

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