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ObsidianAnt's Getting Started Trading

Get the most out of your trade runs 

Top 12 wares for profit per volume

Minimal Price
Average Price
Maximum Price
VolumePrice per Volume
Space Weed176352529 117.6666667
Space Fuel106213319 106.5
Maja Dust233466700 77.83333333
Soja Husk506683 33
Field Coils85410681281 28.46666667
Medical Supplies92115138 23
Shield Components387484581 19.4
Claytronics425444784702 18.66666667
Food Rations344351 17
Drone Components226125122764 16.76666667
Plasma Conductors148517482010 16.40625
Nividium434510587 15.3


  1. Anonymous

    Best M size trading ship in terms of volume transported per unit of time (as of 1.30) is the Demeter Sentinel. This was calculated by multiplying the container volume by the travel speed given PAR Mk3 travel engines, and discounts docking/sales time (which I believe to be relatively insignificant).

    Assuming that the economy gets properly fixed in 1.32, this might become more useful than a kestrel.

    1. Considering trade deals get locked in there is very little difference between M ships speed wise since the main sticking point is the gates meaning capital cost and storage capacity are more important. Also there is nothing stopping the player from equipping other faction engines on their traders (although combat is good for escaping the constant SCA harassments).

      This page is not factoring in station buy quantities since food wares and medical supplies are often in the <200 range per station (although many stations) making them tedious to trade manually making auto traders and station subordinates the only practical way of breaking into the market. Other wares like field coils, shield components, plasma conductors and drone components do not have a lot of stations that purchase them, let alone in large volumes. Currently Nividium has limited purchasing unless the player actively hacks the station storage to dump it but it is literally mined straight from asteroids making it instantly available. Illegals are good but only reach their full potential after the player has unlocked a black marketer at multiple stations. Claytronics on the other hand has the problem with each load taking up a large amount of capital (1.2 million odd for an M ship) meaning the player needs to build up large reserves to break into that market.

      Other factors include how many stations can be supplied by NPC manufactures with food and medical supplies often being saturated by local supply. Advanced Electronics and Smart Chips are less profitable but always in high demand due to NPC conflict while hull parts are in near infinite demand.

  2. Anonymous

    >Considering trade deals get locked in there is very little difference between M ships speed wise since the main sticking point is the gates meaning capital cost and storage capacity are more important.
    There is not only the speed to get the deal as it was before in X3. Consider two equal ships in storage space, and one has 1.2 the speed of the first. Now put them in parallel universes where everything is the same. THey both start to go to factory A. ShipFast gets there first while ShipNormal is still traveling. ShipFast makes the trade and heads out. ShipNormal is still coming in. ShipFast will reach the FactoryB as ShipNormal is on transit but further out than it was was to FactoryA when ShipFast reached FactoryA. Eventually, ShipFast will lap ShipNormal and thus have made more profit over the same time.

    1. Ships with more cargo space can make more profit though because they buy in bulk and sell more of a ware at a high price before the price changes while a ship with less cargo would have to sell a second load at a lower price.

  3. Anonymous

    My captains looking forward to trading forever...why they can not search trades?

  4. Anonymous

    juste une astuce que j'ai découvert pour augmenter le solde de crédits du joueur : ATTENTION Faites une sauvegarde de vos fichiers de jeux avant toute chose ! bon, dans paramètre du jeu désactiver la compression des sauvegardes
    puis faites une sauvegarde rapide F5 (ou attendez la sauvegarde minutée) sortez du jeu et avec un traitement de texte (bloc note devrait suffire) charger votre sauvegarde save***.xml (et non Save***.xml.gz)
    rechercher la ligne money="123456" en principe au début du fichier puis faite rechercher/remplacer money="123456" par le montant que vous voulez (ex: money="999999999") REMPLACER TOUT! puis enregistrer (et non 
    sous) et voilà achetez les vaisseaux, stations, plans etc que vous voulez ! ps :  pour acheter des gros vaisseaux il faut quand même prendre du galon (ex : niveau +20 chez les argons pour acquerir un behemoth) 
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