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Governing Faction: Holy Order of the Pontifex

Map Coordinates: -2,-2

Encyclopedia Entry

After striking an alliance of convenience with the Godrealm of the Paranid, the Argon Federation promptly sent out an invasion force into Holy Order territory. To the dismay of their strategists, the scattering of supposedly unprepared enemy patrols put up an unexpectedly strong resistance, dragging out the encounter and foiling the attackers' plans of swift conquest. Surviving Paranid pilots claim that at the peak of the skirmish, the True Pontifex himself appeared before them, directing individual ships towards enemy blind-spots with unprecedented precision; a phenomenon which continues to be reverently described as a gift of “True Sight”. Regardless of the actual sequence of events, the invaders were forced to withdraw, and the system was ordered to be thoroughly fortified as both first line of defence and last bastion against the Argon threat. According to Holy Order officials, the True Pontifex went into seclusion after this event, becoming the imperious, yet elusive, figure the galactic community knows today.

Resource values


Sector Layout

Notable Stations


  • Highway Ring

Inter-System Connections


Much like Second Contact II, True Sight is a near-perpetual battleground between the Holy Order and the Antigone Republic. New players can get money quick by avoiding the conflict itself and picking up the valuables dropped by destroyed ships with their container magnet. Its long-term value is diminished, however, as the adjacent sectors are far more lucrative for economic development despite its highway ring placement.

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