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Information about user generated logos for ingame usage.


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  • Files location:
    C:\Users\<Your-Win-Username>\Documents\Egosoft\X4\logos (GOG users)
    C:\Users\<Your-Win-Username>\Documents\Egosoft\X4\<Your Steam User ID>\logos (Steam users -> User ID = number, not user name)
  • If the directory does not exist, create it
  • Supported formats:
    • png (Tranysparency may be supported)
    • bmp
    • gif (without animation)
    • jpg (no transparency)
    • tga
  • Default faction logos size: 256x256 pixel
  • Aspect ratio: 1 x 1
  • Edge length a multiple of 2
  • Larger is possible but be careful!
  • Formatting of the file name:
    • playerlogo_01.*
    • Emissive map (makes the logo glow)
  • Instructions ingame:
    • Start the game
    • Load your savegame
    • Goto "Player info"
    • "Empire" tab


German page


  1. Anonymous

    What is an emissive map? How does that work?

    1. Diffuse is the colour you see, emissive is the reflection, normal is fine detail and emissive is glow. They are different layers you can paint with a program like GIMP.

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