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High Seas Ahead! The following page contains information relating to content from the Tides of Avarice DLC

Short Name: VIG

Moniker(s): The Syndicate

Race Description

The descendants of Terran colonists stranded from Earth centuries ago, the Argon became their own thriving civilisation covering a great many systems and forging relations with several alien races. Throughout their short history the Argon Federation has been plagued by war, notably with the Xenon. Their greatest challenge however came from the unlikely source of the reconnected Terrans of Earth where they were plunged into the costly Terran Conflict.

Faction Description

Before the Windfall system became connected to Avarice, and later the network at large, the Vigor Syndicate used to be made up of smaller criminal organisations. They quarrelled amongst themselves almost as much as they antagonised outsiders and the common citizens of Windfall. These smaller outfits mostly made money by offering security services to the large, wealthy gambling institutions, by running their own high-stakes games, and by manufacturing and trading illicit substances. The time spent in isolation was chaotic and violent, but the absence of any organised law enforcement also provided ample opportunities to get incredibly rich with comparatively little effort. Maintaining that wealth amid all the other cut-throats was the bigger challenge, and the reason why these smaller groups eventually banded together.

The Vigor Syndicate was not the only semi-organised criminal enterprise to arise out of this unstable but prolific environment, but ultimately it would be the one to assert itself. Its power and influence grew when contact with the people of Avarice was established. With no-one to oppose them, they soon began to exploit the Riptide Rakers by offering them predatory loans, and methodically nurturing industrial dependencies among their destitute neighbours.

Now, although there still is no clearly identifiable leadership and back-stabbings are still a regular occurrence, the organisation has grown to such a size that it has stabilised and effectively presents a united front to the outside. With Windfall now connected to both Argon and Teladi space, the Syndicate has fully consolidated in order to project enough power to keep other organisations out of Windfall. They keep the law away, and offer unscrupulous entities the space in which to grow however they see fit; as long as the Vigor Syndicate gets their cut, of course.




Illegal Goods

Illegal Items


Illegal Wares

The Vigour Syndicate maintains a monopoly on food production in the Windfall and Avarice Systems and their ships are the only vessels allowed to transport it through either system.

  • Water
  • Food Rations


Spoilers ahead

This section contains spoilers about the locale of sectors. If you want a spoiler-free introduction take a look at the The X-Universe And Map page

The Vigour Syndicate controls the entirety of the Windfall System (sectors I,III and IV) and serves as the only route to Avarice. The syndicate houses all of its shipbuilding factories in Windfall I, has a Keepsafe (trading station and ship depot) in Windfall III and runs the Aurora Casino in Avarice IV. Curiously, the Vigour Syndicate does not operate an equipment dock.


The Vigour Syndicate produces almost exclusively fighter and scavenger craft. The Shih, Kyd and Lux fulfil the Syndicate's fighter requirement and they are used in great abundance throughout windfall and on raids in adjacent systems. The Barbarossa serves as the Vigour Syndicates all-purpose large vessel and is used for trade, policing and raiding. All of the Vigour Syndicate's ships must be either bought from the Syndicate, stolen or built with purchased blueprints.

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