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High Seas Ahead! The following section contains information relating to content from the Tides of Avarice DLC

Governing Faction:
Vigour Syndicate

Map Coordinates: 0,2

Encyclopedia Entry

When the Teladi and Argon first re-established contact with the Windfall system, they hardly recognised it. Largely gone were the obscene displays of wealth, and the luxurious-looking space stations of the past. Instead, they were met with the skeletal relics of old marvels. And whereas their envoys used to be met with good will and gifts by the rich communities that were once in charge, they were now met with open hostility by the criminal gangs that constituted the new leadership.

Understandably, relations between Windfall and its neighbours have cooled significantly. Fearful that outside influence would disrupt the delicate system that had established itself during the period of isolation, the biggest criminal organisation, the Vigor Syndicate, seized the opportunity and united several other criminal groups under its banner. The unruly nature of the system also led many smaller bands of pirates to use Windfall as a staging ground for their raids into Argon and Teladi space, and as a retreat where they could disappear off the radar of the law. It remains unclear why the Ministry of Finance and the Argon authorities refrain from occupying this lawless thorn in their side. Perhaps it is because their offensive capabilities are required more urgently elsewhere, or maybe some back-channel deals have been made to keep them out of the system.

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