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High Seas Ahead! The following section contains information relating to content from the Tides of Avarice DLC

Governing Faction:
Vigour Syndicate

Map Coordinates: -1,1

Encyclopedia Entry

The new arrangement of the Jump Gate network means that this sector of the Windfall system provides the only entry point into the Avarice system. Scavengers of the Riptide Rakers, as well as commonwealth traders, passing through Windfall to access Avarice are often harassed by the Syndicate and other smaller bands of criminals. This results in the exchange of wares between Avarice and the outside network being somewhat sparse. The close proximity to Riptide Rakers' space also resulted in a scrapyard being built in this sector by the Vigor Syndicate. Impounded ships are stripped of anything useful and then stored, to be accessed for scrap metal at a later date.

It is also of note that the Vigor Syndicate enforce a complete monopoly on all food production and distribution in their space. This policy was initially lobbied for by the Solid Ice Union, a conglomerate of Ice mining companies stranded in Windfall, who went on to form one notable wing of the Vigor Syndicate. Some argue that the policy is meant to prohibit resource extraction by outside forces with more technologically advanced mining ships, now that the connection has been re-established. Others point out that by disallowing any transportation of food whatsoever, other than that sold by their own traders, they have effectively erected a soft trade blockade and made the people of Avarice dependent on their products, which they naturally sell at a premium. Ironically, this has led to some Raker ships smuggling contraband food through pirate territory.

Resource values


Sector Layout

Notable Stations


  • Erlking

Inter-Sector Connections

Inter-System Connections


Windfall III as the sole entry to Avarice is a major trading hub for the Vigour Syndicate and Riptide Rakers where food leaves Windfall for Avarice and ship parts leave Avarice for Windfall. The Alliance of the Word Wharf in the sector is also important for the Riptide Rakers as it is where their trade ships are built.

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