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High Seas Ahead! The following section contains information relating to content from the Tides of Avarice DLC

Governing Faction:
Vigour Syndicate

Map Coordinates: -1,0

Encyclopedia Entry

Windfall IV is notable for housing the Aurora Casino, which is the largest gambling establishment in the network. It used to be the shining centrepiece of culture, to which the rich business people and socialites who originally settled the system flocked. During the period when the system collapsed into lawlessness, the station never ceased to function entirely, but maintenance was somewhat neglected, and the exterior lost much of its visual splendour. Nowadays, the casino is a big part of the Syndicate's push to attract outsiders to their system. They hope that the promise of a quick fortune will attract both potential new business partners and easy marks.

While patrons gamble away their salaries in the ostentatious lobby of the casino, shady deals take place in the back rooms. The Aurora serves as a hub for criminals from all walks of life. As such, it has become a first point of contact for anyone looking to strike a deal with the Vigor Syndicate. Since the connection between Avarice and Windfall was first established, the Syndicate have been offering loans to desperate Riptide Rakers who find themselves unable to maintain their stations by other means. Naturally, they charge interest, and anyone who cannot afford to pay them back on time finds themselves in deep trouble.

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