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Wiki Manual contents

Visit the wider X4 Wiki (English) for further info, such as game stats, player guides and game update history.


Dave "Sparky" Parker
Dom "Snafu_X3" Hughes
Egosoft staff


  1. Anonymous

    Is there a manual (PDF). Wikis are not user friendly (of searchable) in the same way ...

    1. Anonymous

      Confluence does have the "Export to PDF" in the tools at the top right, but right now I can't figure out how to make it dump the whole tree rather than just this page.

      1. Anonymous

        I'm not sure about mobile, but on pc it's hidden, but is easy.

        Bottom left, 'Space tools' -> Content Tools

        Content Tools, 'Export' -> PDF, Next. 

        Self explanatory from this point

        It's currently about 5MB, and seems to be fully functional (links intact) with a TOC at the top. However, text often goes between pages which looks weird if you have top/bottom borders on your pdf reader

        1. Anonymous

          For the lazy:


          Don't know how long the link is valid.. But it's the manual exported as PDF.

          1. I'm not sure either but as the Manual is under regular revison at the moment, it's best to make them as needed if unable to access the online version.

        2. Anonymous

          This has got to be the worst PDF export I've ever seen.


          MS Word does better


          Images on pages do not expand, contents spills over pages, and the list goes on

          1. Anonymous

            I thought the PDF export worked quite well.  I have no problems viewing.  As a player generated resource, it's the finest manual I've seen for an X game.


            1. Thanks very much for the feedback (smile)

  2. Anonymous

    What does 'out of ammo' mean? Now I know this is not a forum … but try searching this 'manual' … I will look in the forums … but they are so full of bug whingers that I would have thought such a basic thing would be clear and loud here … it certainly is not in those awful 'tutorails'.

    1. Thanks for asking. Info on the following has been added to the Purchasing And Upgrading Ships page:

      • Ship weapon types by size class
      • Missile ammo


  3. Anonymous

    I'm registered at Is this account works here?

    1. It won't but there's no need to log in add/update content to the wider XR: Foundations Wiki (

      This particulat part, the Manual, is locked for editing though.


  4. Anonymous

    Thanks, Sparks. I have a question about ware exchange between player owned ships.
    So, it seems to be not working at all. At least, in 1.32 patch:
    When I give a command to ship, which landed on my Odyssey to exchange wares ws carrier, it stucks with 'critical' status.
    But, maybe, I'm don't  understand exactly how to use this command...

    Is there a place in this Wiki were I can found an explanation?

    1. That's a good quesiton. I don't think there is at the moment and I am not familar with that mechanic yet.

      If possible, please create a bug report thread on the X4: Foundations - Technical Support forum where Devs or other players may be able to help.

  5. Anonymous

    So this is the manual??  Guess I should have checked this out before spending my money.  You want to know what a manual looks like visit DigitalCombatSimulator and look at there manuals in PDF.  This a JOKE!

    1. Please provide feedback via the Egosoft forum where Devs are likely to see it. Thank you.

    2. Anonymous

      The DCS package of games is far more complex than this and a much larger dev team.

  6. Anonymous

    X4 Foundations is a joke. I wasted my money on a piece of crap. I always thought EgoSoft was a pretty good publisher until now. U

    1. Anonymous

      Egosoft is the developer.  If you bought X4 without researching what the X series is, or how Egosoft releases titles.. then the joke is on you.


  7. Anonymous


  8. Anonymous


  9. Anonymous

    ou peut-on trouver le manuel en francais  de X4 foundations(complet si possible) en pdf

    1. French PDF version is available now.

  10. Anonymous

    The pdf in the Download Pdf link is totally out of date (v1.5).