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November 30th, 2018

Release Version

1.0 Hotfix 1

November 30th, 2018

• Fixed various crashes when unable to write files to disk.
• Fixed light blue screen flash after intro video.


December 1st, 2018

• Added warning when selecting graphics settings that are too high for current hardware.
• Removed SSAA options (if you previously selected SSAA then you are advised to select a different AA setting).
• Removed outdated, broken and not very useful "joystick" input preset.
• Fixed the player ship warping around when opening the map under certain conditions.
• Fixed explosions near the Manager's Office sometimes killing the station manager and making trading impossible.
• Fixed non-missile weapons assigned to an active secondary group shooting while the long range scan mode is active.
• Fixed inactive missions becoming active after requesting guidance to an object.
• Fixed links to the Encyclopedia from software and deployables.
• Fixed black trade menus when owning small mining ships.
• Fixed mining orders not available for small mining ships.
• Fixed pilots not getting up when asked.
• Fixed some savegames crashing shortly after loading them.
• Fixed crash when trying to start the game with certain older AMD driver versions.
• Fixed several other causes of rare crashes.


December 3rd, 2018

• Added Korean localisation.
• Added "Keep Settings?" dialog when changing antialiasing option.
• Added user-submitted default profile for the Thrustmaster T16000m FCS HOTAS (thanks eisberg1977!).
• Changed default setting for gamepad mode to be "Only for controllers".
• Removed hull damage on collisions until the auto pilot has learned to fly around things!
• Fixed suspense music still playing even if all nearby enemies have been destroyed.
• Fixed player-owned ship icons that are underneath player-owned station icons getting selection priority.
• Fixed player ships assigned to stations not trading in some cases.
• Fixed the movement of newly assigned managers to the managers office.
• Fixed manager's office on player stations not being accessible if there is no manager.
• Fixed crew re-assignment in certain cases (e.g. from M ship to docked S ship).
• Fixed assigning of crew in the back of your ship.
• Fixed being able to assign crew as black marketeers.
• Fixed cash exploit involving hallucinogenics and hard drugs!
• Fixed too many Split characters appearing as pilots and managers.
• Fixed not being able to Comm managers of player-owned stations via the info menu.
• Fixed exploit allowing Comm with all known ships regardless of location (increased Comm range to compensate).
• Fixed repair prices being inversely proportional to the amount of damage.
• Fixed mass traffic being damaged in hazardous regions.
• Fixed Bring Item missions.
• Fixed some unlocalised text.
• Fixed excessively loud repair lasers.
• Fixed certain asteroids not displaying the correct name.
• Fixed mirrored logos on small argon fighters.
• Fixed highway adsigns clipping into opposite lane.
• Fixed high and medium graphics qualities being identical.
• Fixed graphics quality presets not changing texture quality and SSR option.
• Fixed black screen after setting controller sensitivity to zero.
• Fixed possible freeze involving ships repeatedly recalling subordinates who are unable to dock.
• Fixed several other causes of rare crashes.


December 5th, 2018

• Improved automatic GPU selection to prioritise discrete GPUs.
• Fixed freeze when saving the game.
• Fixed some causes of freezes when starting the game.
• Fixed cause of a crash after loading savegame.
• Fixed upgrade orders becoming non-functional when loading a savegame.
• Fixed money not being refunded for cancelled upgrades.
• Fixed ships not being claimable from the space suit.
• Fixed a case that could result in AutoTraders sometimes trading at a loss.
• Fixed excessive delay between damage and start of repairs.
• Fixed several other causes of rare crashes.

1.21 Hotfix 1

December 6th, 2018


December 7th, 2018


• Added graphics setting to show graphics card and screen separately on multi-GPU systems.
• Added option to restore all default settings.
• Added Nividium to items bought by Argon and Teladi trade stations.
• Added SSAA 2x and 4x options back in.
• Improved accuracy of turrets and gimballed weapons.
• Improved skill gain profile for NPCs.
• Improved station-based traders to sell products at at least the price set at their station.
• Improved options for selling illegal wares.
• Removed non-functional engine mod type.
• Removed mining turret compatibility from Sunder.
• Removed display of type icons for unknown objects on map.
• Removed mouse cursor emulation in start menu.
• Removed option to shuffle station construction plan for HQ.
• Fixed logbook showing oldest 1000 entries instead of newest.
• Fixed searching for ware names to use the correct trade filter.
• Fixed missing guidance information in Mission Manager
• Fixed invasions stalling and starving the war missions of suitable situations.
• Fixed illegal build plot for advanced gamestart "The Unworthy Entrepreneur".
• Fixed player-owned ships sometimes dropping cargo without the player telling them to.
• Fixed passengers or prisoners sometimes being promoted to captain thereby changing ship ownership.
• Fixed turrets on M-sized ships flown by the player and set to attack all enemies not engaging hostile XS-sized ships.
• Fixed case of patrolling ships failing to engage pirates pretending to belong to their faction.
• Fixed police ships penalising unpaid plots in locations where they do not have police authority.
• Fixed "Promote best crewmember" button not working if ship has no pilot and all crewmembers have 0 skills.
• Fixed being able to recruit crew from NPC-owned capital ships.
• Fixed another case of AutoTrade not functioning.
• Fixed AutoMiners not selling the resources that they gather.
• Fixed some player-owned ships not allowing you to dock.
• Fixed L-sized turret and shieldgenerator blueprints not being available to the player.
• Fixed certain collectables not being picked up when you fly over them.
• Fixed ships stuck while docked awaiting an invalid build to complete.
• Fixed characters being stuck in unhelpful places.
• Fixed being able to clone crew members.
• Fixed player logo being applied to HQ asteroid.
• Fixed player HQ information menu not working after adding a production to the HQ.
• Fixed missing dock areas on builder ships.
• Fixed incorrect type of mines near gate in Eighteen Billion.
• Fixed error incorrectly appearing if build is completed.
• Fixed asteroid scanning not being possible.
• Fixed missing text localization in several places.
• Fixed missing German station announcements and other voiced lines.
• Fixed a case of ships having no collision detection.
• Fixed ships skipping collision avoidance in certain situations.
• Fixed most cases of clipping through docking bay floors when docking.
• Fixed a case of the player ship warping to an invalid location on undocking.
• Fixed more cases of the player ship warping around (e.g. after taking control).
• Fixed crash when installing broken equipment mods.
• Fixed occasional unrecoverable freezes.
• Fixed several other causes of rare crashes.


December 10th, 2018

• Fixed HQ mission stalling if the escorted ship is unable to dock at its destination.
• Fixed HQ mission stalling if player flew through the anomaly too fast.
• Fixed duplicate and missing weapon entries in the HUD if multiple groups have been setup.
• Fixed ship upgrade builds not starting in certain situations.
• Fixed another cause of rare crashes.


December 11th, 2018

• Removed ability to assign trading/mining ships to invalid tasks and commanders.
• Fixed factions not building new ships.
• Fixed highway destinations not being displayed in target monitor.
• Fixed guild missions not correctly restarting if a mission was failed or aborted.
• Fixed player-owned ships formerly belonging to pirates sometimes attacking the player.
• Fixed getting stuck in trader areas on the Teladi trade station.
• Fixed being able to save game while Game Over is displayed.
• Fixed occasional menu crash when changing crew at a shipyard/wharf/equipment dock.
• Fixed Load Game menu breaking when trying to load an empty savegame slot.
• Fixed Confirm/Cancel buttons sometimes missing in ship or station configuration menus.
• Fixed top menu arrow not showing in Chinese/Korean localisations.
• Fixed another cause of rare crashes.


December 20th, 2018

• NEW FEATURE (BETA): Send your ships on ventures into other players' universes!
• Added (BETA) Japanese localisation.
• Added option for "Betty" to speak target names.
• Added option to undock and abort ship upgrades that are waiting for resources.
• Added turret behaviour settings to the Ship Interactions menu (including L/XL ship turret groups).
• Added notification in case player-owned ship is unable to dock as ordered.
• Added inventory net worth in empire overview.
• Added cooldown for station repair when stations are under attack.
• Added entry for the manual to Help menu.
• Improved performance with AMD GPUs.
• Improved ability of lasertowers to track targets.
• Improved faction rebuilding logic to not overload shipyards as much.
• Improved traders supplying shipyards and wharfs.
• Improved "Where can I find...?" dialogue option.
• Changed inventory drop button to drop all selected wares if multiple are selected (for single wares amount can still be chosen).
• Changed maximum damage done to ships due to sabotage by bailing pilots.
• Fixed getting left behind when leaving your ship in the space suit while in relative movement with a bigger ship.
• Fixed squadron subordinates sometimes flying extremely far from their commanders while flying in formation.
• Fixed station-based mining ships delivering very few resources to their station if the station has little to no funds.
• Fixed shipyards not stockpiling enough resources for ships with large amounts of deployables, and miscalculating resource allocation for other wares.
• Fixed further case that could lead to police punishing player for retaliating against pirates.
• Fixed capital ships sometimes bouncing off of each other when attempting to dock to exchange wares.
• Fixed pirate ships congregating around their own stations.
• Fixed and prevented pirate ships attempting to plunder in highways.
• Fixed receiving requests from other pilots for help while not in a cockpit.
• Fixed player-owned docked ships requring additional instruction to proceed with orders after being given new orders.
• Fixed Xenon and Kha'ak ships always having very bad pilots.
• Fixed incorrect reputation requirements for friend/ally ceremonies of Ministry of Finance.
• Fixed repair mass traffic of pirate ships causing reputation loss when destroyed.
• Fixed turrets and self-maintenance not working on ships whose pilots bailed out.
• Fixed job ships not filling out their squadrons to make up for combat losses.
• Fixed player ship not being included in boarding menu ship selection if player ship is selected along with other player-owned ships.
• Fixed target of successful boarding operation sometimes getting some owner other than the player faction.
• Fixed newly-boarded ships retaining their old orders.
• Fixed lasertowers deployed by AI pilot waiting for player to tell it to proceed before deploying while player is standing on ship.
• Fixed defence drones attempting to go to dock for repairs and to get more supplies.
• Fixed mining ships not correctly reporting when they have completed their order.
• Fixed player station managers not being assigned correctly in certain situations.
• Fixed being able to teleport to stations that are not player-owned or allied.
• Fixed missile blueprints not being available (now available from faction representatives).
• Fixed HQ Escort mission selecting an inactive gate for the ship to fly through.
• Fixed Satellite Coverage mission.
• Fixed Rescue Ship mission not rewarding any credits.
• Fixed ships to be rescued from a minefield responding to attacks.
• Fixed other lasertowers in a group not responding if one of them is attacked.
• Fixed several issues with Find Lockbox mission, including it not finishing in certain cases.
• Fixed Repair mission not completing if object got repaired in the meanwhile.
• Fixed Acquire Captain mission being available for spacesuit.
• Fixed Assassination missions selecting player-owned NPC's as mission-target.
• Fixed abort condition for several missions.
• Fixed several tutorial progression issues.
• Fixes savegames with stalled guild missions.
• Fixed player not being correctly refunded when aborting some ship builds.
• Fixed shipyards and wharfs never building again if they were hacked.
• Fixed Xenon shipyards and wharfs sometimes storing wares they don't need.
• Fixed menu crash when upgrading capital ships.
• Fixed trade context menu being black.
• Fixed doors sometimes getting stuck after loading a savegame.
• Fixed NPC ships being removed on loading savegame in some situations.
• Fixed failure to open Logical Station Overview for large stations and for low UI scale values.
• Fixed plot management menu breaking with too many stations.
• Fixed freeze in map when viewing information on very large stations.
• Fixed mission briefing in ultra-wide resolutions.
• Fixed start menu not opening in certain cases.
• Fixed missing German character voices.
• Fixed various localisation issues.
• Fixed reversed front/back speakers.
• Fixed causes of several freezes and performance issues in specific circumstances.
• Fixed several other causes of rare crashes.


January 28th, 2019

• Added music tracks from previous games.
• Added map filter option to disable allied order queue visualisation.
• Added option to edit or remove assignment in order queue.
• Added tooltips explaining why Request Dock At option is greyed-out.
• Improved overall game performance.
• Improved AI attacking of stations.
• Improved reward calculation for Rescue Ship mission.
• Improved reward calculation and area range for Repair mission.
• Improved reward calculation and fleet variation in Fleet Delivery mission.
• Improved location check for claiming plot in Station Building mission.
• Improved likelihood of NPCs providing information when asking for the way to a station.
• Improved AutoMiner behaviour to avoid mining in enemy-held territory depending on crew skill.
• Removed ability to map right mouse button to avoid conflicts with context menu function.
• Fixed player-owned stations not transferring money to the player after having earned a surplus.
• Fixed player-owned ships mis-identifying some ships as being abandoned.
• Fixed ships sometimes undocking and docking again when given an order that doesn't require a ship to change docks.
• Fixed NPC-owned capital class mining ships not being able to mine due to lack of collector drones.
• Fixed mining ships sometimes not going to their designated positions before starting to mine.
• Fixed delay after player issuing AutoMiner order.
• Fixed capital ships with forward-mounted weapons sometimes orienting broadside to big targets.
• Fixed capital ships not acquiring some station modules when attacking them.
• Fixed fighters manoeuvering against and firing upon the center of stations rather than acquiring station modules.
• Fixed player-owned squadron subordinates pursuing targets to the ends of the universe.
• Fixed combat ships assigned to a station not staying in the vicinity of the station.
• Fixed captured visitor ships sometimes not accepting orders.
• Fixed UI allowing player to order player-owned ships to "Dock to Trade" at player-owned stations that have no trade offers.
• Fixed ships wanting to undock from a venture platform worrying that they might leave the player stranded at the station.
• Fixed player-owned free traders preferring build-related trades.
• Fixed free traders tending to prefer trades involving buying low amounts or high prices.
• Fixed player-owned station-based traders ignoring sell offers at the station below a certain threshold.
• Fixed rare case that would prevent AutoMine and AutoTrade orders from functioning.
• Fixed lasertower orders being assignable to things that weren't lasertowers.
• Fixed lasertowers erroneously attempting to move while in highways.
• Fixed computer pilots of drones and lasertowers sometimes bailing.
• Fixed player-owned ships formerly owned by pirates retaining their cover ownership.
• Fixed docked ships on claimed ships retaining old ownership and crew on board.
• Fixed theoretical ability to improve relations with Xenon and Kha'ak.
• Fixed not being able to select items to deliver to Black Marketeer when playing multiple delivery missions simultaneously.
• Fixed receiving pilot comm chatter while not in a cockpit.
• Fixed Security Office not being available on all stations.
• Fixed Boarding mission where ship was already captured earlier.
• Fixed mission character disappearing during Delivery mission.
• Fixed duplicate greeting of Black Marketeer during Delivery mission.
• Fixed cases of missing dialog choices for Black Marketeers.
• Fixed Tutorial and Help menu in ultra-wide resolutions.
• Fixed large number of queued orders breaking the order queue menu.
• Fixed map shortcuts not working after using minimize.
• Fixed wrong production resources shown in LSO and encyclopedia.
• Fixed hidden information (shown as "???") on player stations in certain cases.
• Fixed loadout statistics showing changes in engine performance when applying a paint mod.
• Fixed venture reward menu sometimes not displaying reward information.
• Fixed custom player logo not being displayed on target monitor.
• Fixed comms monitor not showing up on incoming reports from pilots.
• Fixed excessive L and XL travel engine prices.
• Fixed certain M-sized turret slots on some L-sized ships not allowing mining turrets to be fitted.
• Fixed mirrored logos on some ships.
• Fixed NPC position in bar.
• Fixed various NPC animation issues.
• Fixed player ship standing still when opening the map after undocking from a station.
• Fixed problems docking certain M-sized ships (especially Drill) without docking software.
• Fixed ships protecting stations with the Protect Station order chasing targets out of the designated area.
• Fixed new NPC stations potentially having their build storages owned by incorrect factions.
• Fixed squadron subordinates sometimes not keeping up with their commanders.
• Fixed dock showing stop sign while ship docked after loading savegame.
• Fixed occasional loss of control input while in flight.
• Fixed incorrect graphics settings displayed after changing Graphics Quality.
• Fixed Account Management and Logical Station Overview menus not setting manager budget when setting station account.
• Fixed menu crash in supply node of Logical Station Overview.
• Fixed menu crash when opening Info menu for certain stations.
• Fixed menu freeze in Account Management menu.
• Fixed map freeze if a commander was docked at one of their subordinates.
• Fixed UI showing possibility to edit default behaviours of subordinates.
• Fixed strange items being added to inventory after venture completes.
• Fixed unclaimed venture rewards getting lost on subsequent save/load cycle.
• Fixed planned station builds being lost after saving and loading.
• Fixed some memory leaks.
• Fixed causes of several freezes and performance issues in specific circumstances.
• Fixed several other causes of crashes.

1.60 HF1
January 30th, 2019

• Fixed negative station budgets and accounts.
• Fixed crash when reassigning crew.




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