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Short Name: XEN

Moniker(s): The Terraformers (originally), Xenomorphs (by early Argon pilots), Unholy Machines (by Paranid Pilots)

Race Description

The Xenon are a mechanical race resulting from past Terran terraformer ships which eventually evolved intelligence. A constant threat in many areas of the galaxy, it is thought that the Jump Gate shutdown may stem their movements but given their disregard of time it is possible they may simply travel between stars. The Xenon have no known allies and communication with them is often relegated to folklore.

Faction Description

Originally merely a tool created to help in the Terrans' colonisation of the stars, these terraforming machines would eventually become the greatest threat facing the universe. The Xenon are notable for their Artificial General Intelligence (AGI), which brought with it a flexible problem-solving approach. This AGI technology allowed the machines to modify themselves to better carry out their tasks, but eventually resulted in their uncontrollable self-replication.

Now, the Xenon roam the universe, drifting ever deeper into all areas of space; a mechanical scourge that cannot be reasoned with. Attempts to shut them down have ultimately proved futile, and most people have resigned themselves to the fact that this is a threat that could potentially be managed, but never defeated.

Xenon Evolutionary Branches

Descended from the original Terraformers released by Earth about a millennium ago, the Xenon underwent many waves of machine evolution. Mechano-taxonometrists are fairly certain that the line of TF/Xenon present in the known sectors today belong to the ninth diversification branch (of roughly 27).





Xenon Sectors are spread all throughout the fringes of the Jumpgate Network. These sectors (as of 5.0 with all DLCs) border all major factions with the exceptions being the Argon Federation, Terran Protectorate, Segaris Pioneers, Vigour Syndicate and Riptide Rakers. A list of all sectors the Xenon start with is available in the See Also section below.


The Xenon since the jumpgate shutdown have developed vastly distinct design philosophies in ship and station design. While their fighters remain consistent with the features associated with pre-shutdown fighters their corvettes, destroyers and battleships embrace the appearance of an arthropod. The xenon are unique in comparison to the other races in that they do not maintain the full line-up of ship classes and do not produce any L class ships at all. As a comparison with the other factions lineups:

ClassOther FactionsXenon
S Scout
S Fighter
S Heavy Fighter
S Trader
S Miner (Mineral)
M Corvette
M Gungoat
M Frigate
M Trader
M Miner (Mineral)
M Miner (Gas)
L Destroyer
L Trader
L Miner (Mineral)
L Miner (Gas)
XL Carrier
XL Auxilliary
XL Destroyer
XL Battleship

Despite their more limited array of ship options Xenon ships can be incredibly potent against other factions ships and stations, especially the I which can shrug off attacks from anything short of the Terran Protectorate's Asgard and then retaliate with the highly destructive, fast but short-ranged graviton turrets.

Trivia: In previous X games Xenon Sectors were only known by their designation "Xenon Sector xxx"

Xenon XL Ships encompassing the "insect-like design"


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