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Split fight with honour! The following page contains information relating to the Split Vendetta DLC

Governing Faction: Zyarth Patriarchy

Map Coordinates:

Constituent Sectors

Encyclopedia Entry

As Zyarth's Dominion

This system is a symbol of the warrior tenacity of the Split. Its long history of conflict with the Xenon occupying the bordering sector is one of the reasons why it fared comparatively well when the gates shut down. The resourceful Zyarth Family, accustomed to surviving on the outskirts and always opportunistic, soon thrived in the isolated sectors. It is notable that they were one of the very few families who were able to hold their own against the Xenon threat, despite receiving no support from the Patriarch Rhonkar. Other families, who were more reliant on Rhonkar's aid, quickly succumbed to the isolation.

Upon reconnection, Patriarch Zyarth learned that he had outlived most Patriarchs of old, whose short rule was often the result of their confrontational nature and inter-family rows. Zyarth's Dominion is situated in between the various Split systems. Spurred on by the fact that he had held his realm together in times of crisis while Rhonkar's Patriarchy fell apart, Zyarth turned his attention towards the other Split families. He is set on uniting the Split once again - by force, if necessary.

As Rhak's Dominion

This system used to be known as Zyarth's Dominion before Patriarch Rhak, once one of Zyarth's subjects himself, overthrew the Patriarch. Zyarth's ambitious pursuit of a united Split left him overstretched. He was vulnerable to enemy interference on several fronts, as well as Split insurgence from within his domain. This combination of factors ultimately lead to Zyarth's downfall. Rhak pursued a gentle, opportunistic approach, halting the conflict with the Curbs, recognising the crucial point in time when Zyarth was at his weakest, and striking him down without hesitation.

This brutal transfer of power is a commonplace occurrence in Split territory. Now, Patriarch Rhak is keen on stabilising his position, reaching out to other families, and installing his loyal secret police in key positions of power.

Notable Stations



Zyarth's Dominion is devoid of resources and features primarily more advanced production facilities in addition to its 4 major installations. Xenon and Argon threats are fairly commonplace but most of the system is fairly resilient to invasion due to its support from the Teladi as well as the remainder of the Zyarth Patriarchy

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