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Split fight with honour! The following page contains information relating to the Split Vendetta DLC

Governing Faction:  Zyarth Patriarchy

Map Coordinates: 2,6

Encyclopedia Entry

As Zyarth's Dominion I

This sector is the closest to the neutron star, whose force, like Zyarth's, is a magnificent sight to behold. As the birthplace of the Zyarth Patriarchy, it was from this sector that the Patriarch set out to unite all Split families under his rule. While the close proximity to Xenon space makes expanding and maintaining Zyarth's reach a challenge, this constantly looming threat is also the means by which he hardens his warriors, and ultimately gave him the military expertise to make his expansion such a success.

As Rhak's Dominion I

No information available

Resource values


Sector Layout

Notable Stations


Inter-Sector Connections

Inter-System Connections


This sector is the most likely of the 3 sectors in the system to change ownership with a chance for Xenon to take the system from the stronghold of Matrix #598.

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