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Split fight with honour! The following page contains information relating to the Split Vendetta DLC

Short Name: ZYA

Moniker(s): The Patriarchy, Family Zyarth (before the Jump Gate shutdown)

Member Families: Family Zyarth, Family Nhuut, Family Rhak, Family Zhin, Family Kritt, Family Phi, Family Valka and other minor families

Race Description

The aggressive Split live in a society constantly changing leadership where challenging factions rise up to impose a new Patriarch. Their short temper and fiery disposition puts them at odds with other races which has sometimes lead to war, notably with the Boron and Argon.

Faction Description

Patriarch Zyarth has always been a hardened warrior. He served under patriarch Rhonkar before the Gates shut down, but due to his system's close proximity to Xenon space, he learnt how to be self-sufficient. This familiarity with self-reliance would become his biggest asset when, as the larger Split empire disconnected, he rose to power, unifying the neighbouring Patriarchs under him. When the Gates reconnected, the Zyarth Patriarchy emerged as the clear victor. Many long-established Patriarchs had died during those tumultuous times. While many families in close proximity came under Zyarth, other families seized the same opportunity to declare their independence from the former Patriarch Rhonkar. Now the ambitious Zyarth seeks to unify all split, even the Free Families, under his banner.


  • Zyarth Patriarchy vs Argon Federation War Guild




The Zyarth Patriarchy control a continuous region of sectors in the top-middle of the map with borders with the Teladi, Paranid, Argon and Xenon.


The Zyarth Patriarchy fields a variety of split ship classes shared with the Free Families in the standard non-raider variants. Additionally, the Zyarth Patriarchy fields the Chimera heavy fighter, the Cobra frigate and is the only faction capable of making mk4 combat engines.



Zyarth Patriarchy Police Dragon

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