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Lua/FFI function changes

breaking change
LuaGetComponentFactionName()removed - use FFI GetOwnerDetails()
LuaGetFactionDetails()removed - use FFI GetFactionDetails() / Lua GetLibraryEntry()
LuaGetRelationComponentStatus()removed - use FFI GetRelationStatus()
LuaGetRelationFactionStatus()removed - use FFI GetFactionRelationStatus()
LuaGetTradeShipList()changed - removed cargoplanned field, use FFI GetCargoSpaceUsedAfterShoppingList()
FFIint RelationStatus GetRelationStatus()changed - return value changed

ui.xml change

To add multi environment support for addons (see XRUIMOD-6 - Data cannot be retrieved due to an unexpected error ) we changed the format of the ui.xml file slightly.

Following describes how to convert the old format to the new format:

ui.xml format <= 3.50 Beta 2
ui.xml format >= post 3.50 Beta 2


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