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Lua/FFI function changes

breaking change
LuaGetEventmonitorName()removed - use Lua GetStorageData()/GetBuildStageModules()/GetModuleType()

subst_xx catalog change

Before 3.50 we provided undocumented/unsupported means to modify the UI by replacing game files using substitution catalog-files, knowing that this way modders who wanted to risk it could at least have a way to tweak the UI before we were able to add official UI modding support.

As of this version this old deprecated feature no longer works for the UI (it's still kept in place for other cases, for which it will still work). Please use the normal UI-modding facility to provide UI modifications.

Lua file location restriction

As of this version, Lua files are no longer allowed in the extension's root directory. While this might still work atm (for instance by specifying the lua file as of "./foo.lua", this case won't be supported (meaning it might cause problems or break completely in a following version). It's best practice to add a ui-folder to your extension directory and place Lua files in there.

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