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Timer Widget element using game time now

Before 4.00 Beta 5 the behavior of the timer widget was to use the real time. We found that the element was however only useful in the contents of the game time (so the displayed time pauses when the game is paused, for instance).

To easily resolve this, we changed the behavior to use the game time instead of the real time. If your mod relied on the element using the real time, please let us know (simply leave a comment here for us).

GetSecondaryShipWeapon() can return nil

Due to the weapon cycle changes done in 4.0 Beta 5, GetSecondaryShipWeapon() can now return nil in cases where previously you could rely on it not returning nil.

If the player shoots all his missiles and then cycles the missile type, GetSecondaryShipWeapon() will now return nil, while previously it returned information about the depleted missile type. Therefore, better make sure to check the return value prior to referencing it.

Changed fixed row width in tables, when scrollbar is active

Prior to 4.0 Beta 5 the fixed row had the same width as non-fixed rows even when the table showed a scrollbar.

This lead to layouts which looked a bit weird, since the scrollbar only covered the height of the non-fixed rows.

In 4.0 Beta 5 we changed the behavior so regardless of whether the table shows a scrollbar or not, the width of fixed rows is always the same. Only the width of the non-fixed rows gets reduced like before, if the table needs to display a scrollbar.

We don't believe this to be a change which breaks any menu layouts out there, but if you have a case where you think the old behavior would be preferred, please drop us a note here.

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