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Several ships without crew can be found scattered around the X:R universe (spolier link).

The player can claim them by assigning a Pilot to S/M ships, or landing and assigning a Captain to L/XL ships.

These ships will not be targeted by hostiles of any faction while abandoned, so there is no great rush to pick them up..

Position (x, up/down, y)
MaelstromSigma SectorSturdy CrusaderNS0m, 0m, 38414m
AlbionFar OutWoodland PastureEterscel SentinelS-44406m, -15185m, 43937m
AlbionInner WorldPeriodic BlastingTalorcanS-28748m, 16226m, -24830m
Omicron LyraeDevoid ClimeSolitudeFoltor SentinelS14134m, 25952m, -19892m
Omicron LyraeEclipse CloudsDrippy AscentRahanas (Container)L16793m, 0m, -28923m
DeVriesBleak PebbleFlickering FlameMaelchonS30210m, 7578m, -35593m
DeVriesGlaring TruthMagma PoolDaitoM18987m, -5952m, -5281
TorideKoroniXZ DeltaSM3124m, 783m, 23457m
TorideKoroniForward GuardPM-26098m, -1200m, -42258m
TorideKoroniXZ BetaLeptonL235m, 621m, 13395m
Cold StarNatural ExpansionMineral RushBalorL30857m, 6950m, -47090m
Fields of OpportunitySerpentine HazeLast ResortVulture (Container)L-187m, -4277m, 38549m
Fields of OpportunityFatal PathBiting SteelManorina (Gas)M40872m, -3427m, 20600m


  1. Anonymous

    Is there no longer an  abandoned titurel ?

    1. I'm not aware of there every being one but I don't know for sure.

      1. Anonymous

        In Fell Affliction there was one. I saw a youtube video on it. 

        1. Anonymous

          My mistake (I'm the above poster). the ship in Fell Affliction is not abandoned. 

  2. Anonymous

    The L-variants can be boarded creating an almost riskless opportunity to train your marines. You only have to shoot the Jump Drive and the engines. So bring along a 5*-engineer if you choose this method'. zazie 

  3. Anonymous

    Hello. And Bye.
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