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Economy Wares

Economy Wares are wares that are consumed or produced by stations in production.

There are four types of economy wares:

  • Bulk – raw resources stored in a mass such as Ice, Ore, and Silicon
  • Liquid – raw resources stored in liquid form such as Hydrogen, Plasma, and Water
  • Energy – manufactured goods that are packaged and stored in energy storage units such as Antimatter Cells, Energy Cells, and Plasma Cells
  • Container – manufactured goods that are packaged and stored in large containers such as Food Rations, Microchips, and Fusion Reactors

Note that ships or stations you would like to store particular resources in must have storage modules of the same type as the ware you would like to be stored.

Inventory Wares

Inventory Wares are small items that are produced by individuals and stored in the inventory such as ID Cards, Tobacco, and Jewelry.

Please note that the production, consumption, storage, and trade of Inventory Wares is completely separate from that of Economy Wares.

See section on Trading for more details on trading Economy and Inventory Wares.

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