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This page has been split up into three sections. The first highlights some key tools that can help a budding modder get started. The second section lists resources provided by Egosoft. The third section begins to highlight things that the community has considered over time.

As with other wiki pages, please feel free to edit it in order to add new and/or improved information (the third section in particular will benefit from this). If over time any of the tools/information below stops working in some way, please make a comment in the related thread to help spread the word.

Great places to start dabbling with modding

  • Index of Rebirth Tools, Tutorials and Resources (link).
      • Modding Tools
      • Modding Tutorials and Guides
      • Resources 
  • theqmann's XML Patch Guide (link).
  • The XRCatTool (one of the Official Rebirth tools - see below).
  • Guide to the Steam Workshop for X Rebirth (link).
  • Steps to make your mod work on Linux+Mac (link).

Egosoft resources

  • Egosoft's modding-related changelogs are here.
  • Official Rebirth tools are here and can be discussed here.
  • The JIRA-based Bug Tracker is here.
  • linolafett's info about art and sound production is here.
  • Thread for reporting bugs encountered during mod development is here.
  • UI modding support thread is here (e.g. for asking questions or reporting bugs) and the UI bugtracker is here (in case you'd like to log a new issue). User Interface (UI) Modding documentation is here (for lots of info about what is possible, including guides and a change log).

Player resources

  • Observe's guide to working with custom 3D models is here.

  • A catalogue of unused text pages is here.

  • CLI-tool for xml diff files is here.
  • Records from w.evans of what files are modified by game updates are here.
  • XML Editor by Roger Griffiths is here (with related notes here).
  • XSD chagelogs by Unitrader is here.

Miscellaneous Q&As from the forum

  • Creating a mission (setting mission objectives) is here.
  • Editing Skunk weapons is here.
  • Exporting ships models for some renders is here.
  • How to Create a Custom Gamestart is here.
  • How to make a new ship spawn with you at new game start is here.
  • Multiple engines on non-player ships and speed is here.
  • Repacking a construction vessel after building is here.
  • Save game editing tips are here.
  • Save game exporter/importer tool is discussed here.
  • Script & Mod Requests thread is here.
  • Texture colours discussion is here.
  • Viewing Scriptproperties files in different browsers is here.
  • Customising weapon mods is discussed here and summarised here.
  • CreatIon of a functional fleet of ships is here.


  1. Anonymous

    Hey Sparky, suggest that Ketraar's old list, and possibly theqmann's XML Patch Guide (although it's also linked to in Ketraar's list), be made somewhat more prominent.  The other entries under "Miscellaneous Resources" are also useful, to be sure, but one can get started making mods with just the information on those two threads plus (lots and lots and lots of) digging into the files extracted using the official XRCatTool.  (Using that to get at the vanilla files, studying them, figuring out XML, and looking at other people's mods are extremely useful too.  At least, how I got started modding X:R.)

    Don't think the other things really start becoming useful until after the stuff in those threads are at one's fingertips. - w.e

    1. Great ideas, thanks! I've done a bit of a re-jig here and on the parent page to try and accommodate your advice. Please feel free to edit/add to it as the mood takes you (smile)

      1. Anonymous

        Thanks!  Hope that helps folks who're interested get started faster.

  2. Anonymous

    What about creating a "useful" md/ai script command documentation on this wiki, I would be a huge amount of work, but it would be really helpful what a command does in detail.

    And I don't think of a small guide but a real documentation.

    The Layout could be this way:

    Pagename: The actual command

    <The general syntax>

    <A description>

    <Some code examples>

    <A Note block, mentioning the commands behaviour in unusual cases>

    <links to similar commands>

  3. Anonymous


    I am trying to make a mod so one of my gates will lead me to Home Of Light system.

    Simply put, how do I make a gate connection that can point to systems defined in the DLCs instead of the base game?

    1. This probably isn't the best place to ask modding questions. I suggest creating a post in the modding forum: 

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