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"Boarding Guide" by XenonSurf

  • The guide was written by XenonSurf on the forum for Rebirth v3.00 on 20.05.2015.
  • XenonSurf last updated it for v3.53 on 07.09.2015.
  • Minor edits made when the guide was copied over to the wiki on 31.01/2016.
  • Rebirth v4.00 made some changes to boarding but not in a way that the guide should be broken.
    • v4.00 beta adds status report notifications during boarding, to indicate if any marines were lost.
    • v4.00 beta reduced marine loss when attack strength is only slightly higher than defence strength.

The guide can be found here.

"FIRST boarding - a Titurel!" by Snafu_X3

  • The guide was written by Snafu_X3 on the forum on 07.11.2015.
  • Updated for v4.0 15/03/2016; please comment /in the forum/ if there are changes you deem necessary

The guide can be found here.

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