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A list of key changes in the mechanics of the game. If you try playing New Frontier like vanilla X: Rebirth, you're gonna have a bad time.

Configuration in-game

The Config is available in-game by calling a Police Chief (Enter-5-8 by default, most sectors have one you just need to find the zone he is waiting in. Pick NF-settings in the menu, and don't tell him about your Spaceweed stash (smile)). The following options are available:

  1. EWS (Early Warning System)

EWS Level:

      • level 1: will always warning if at least one enemy military xl or l ship is present in a zone which player have a capitalship or station.

      • level 2: 50% chance for 1 enemy capship present and 100% chance when 2 or more enemy capship are present (the default now)

      • level 3: 33% for 1 enemy capship present, 50% when 2 enemy capship are present, 100% chance when 3 or more are present

      • level 4: 25% for 1 enemy capship present, 50% for 2 enemy capship present, 75% when 3 enemy capship is present and 100% when 4 or more enemy capship is present

EWS Cutoff:  the minimum number of enemy ships to trigger EWS. So, you can have EWS to level 4 but a cutoff of 1. It will works with chances as above but only for 2 or more enemy units and so on. Can be set by config.

EWS Delay: 120

EWS Map:

      • To open map at Sector select "On".

      • To open map at Zone select "Off".

  1. Global
    • NPC Build Stations: can be disabled and this is default at the Game Start, so better not enable by yourself, this will be started at the right time automatically.
    • NPC Start Invasions: can be disabled and this is default at the Game Start, so better not enable by yourself, this will be started at the right time automatically.
    • Adv Jumps: Jumpdrive behavior changes
      • vanilla

      • through gates (ship will jump instead of fly, based on skills)

      • advanced (if skills are high enough the ship can jump directly into targetzone)

    • HyperDrive
  2. No selections here yet.
  3. Player
    • Notes:  Notes when a station gets built or boarded.
    • Earn Taxes: Get taxes from NPC at your stations.
    • Station Expenses:  Your property pays expenses.
    • Limit Tradecenter to cluster:  Default it to Galaxy, select on to limit Business Center trade subscriptions and updates to Cluster only.
    • Set AutoRefuel
  4. Player (Cheats)
    • Max. Skills:
    • Show skills faster:
    • Better candidates:
    • No Fuel: disable fuelcell consume of player-owned ships available, so no extra mod is required (feel free to use, or not)
    • Skunk auto restore:  Skunk and drones at docking at owned station/ship repair automatically.

Diplomacy and other nice CWIR Game mechanics

All the CWIR features on this page are also present in New Frontier.

Automatic trade updates, no minigame required!

Are you tired of Ren's somewhat limited chatting skills, and tired of having to flirt with old space grannies to find out where you can send your Rahanas to get those sweet profitsss? Well, worry no more! In addition to classic station scans and smalltalk, you can now build a Business Center with the HoL CV. The Manager will then search for new Stations and trade updates (default a BC will work with the whole Galaxy, this can be limited to the System it is built in).


Remember when Plutarch dropped that Overwatch in Devries for the sole purpose of blasting you with JET/LR beams when you were trying to fly through the gate? Well, now you can be that jerk! Drop a nav beacon (can be bought from the Equipment Vendor) and you can call in a delivery of several useful things:

  • Targon Tracer (3M credits)
  • Weapon Platform (3M credits, the Xenon one you see around their stations and in asteroid fields.)
  • Weapon Platform Sentinel (3M credits, the Khaak one.)
  • Jump Beacon (1M credits)
  • Outpost (10M credits, the Xenon one with a few weapon platforms. Good for getting a foothold in a sector.)
  • Overwatch (50M credits, it's a souped-up version of the one Plutarch dropped in DeVries, fully stocked.)
  • Border station (70M credits. A giant station with 12 Targon Tracers. It can shred Xenon I's IS or OOS without a problem. You can also drop it next to an enemy station if you want to have a little fun...)

Taxes and salaries

You'll now need to pay your staff on all the stations and ships you control. It's only fair, some of them have families to feed. You will automatically have their salaries deducted from your account, unless of course you're out of money. They'll patiently wait for the next pay cycle in that case. You also pay taxes to the zone owners of any zone you have a station in. Now of course, that goes both ways, so if you just so happen to have economic or military dominance of a sector, they'll be paying those taxes to you! Once you own a zone or two, you'll notice a hefty stream of profitsss that well exceeds the salaries of your workers. Capitalism, ho!


  1. Anonymous

    So is the statement "NPC-Station-Building and Invasions can be disabled and this is default at the Game Start, so better not enable by yourself, this will be started at the right time automatically." actually correct? It sure seems to be set to On from the very get go at least for Free Play starts. Can this be clarified by someone who knows the code better?

  2. Anonymous

    It's referring to the campaign. All free play starts assume the campaign is over.

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