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Individuals around the X Universe sometimes opt to hire independent captains to do various jobs.  To hire pilots, these individuals publish advertisements.  These advertisements are accessible in three ways:

Bulletin Board

Most missions are advertised in the Bulletin Board System that has been maintained since before the gate shutdown.  The BBS is accessible through the Sidebar.

Around Stations

Some individuals who want to stay under the radar shunt a beacon through the hull of the station that they're in.  These ads display as icons over the surface of the station.  It is possible to directly interact with these icons.  (See Target Selection and Interaction under the section on Interaction).


You can also dock at a station and simply talk to individuals.  If they are interested in hiring, the conversation will immediately start with the job offer.

People also occasionally try to contact you directly with mission offers or send calls out to anyone who might hear.  These attempts at communication appear as a flashing monitor in your cockpit with an image of the person trying to contact you.  To accept the call, select the screen that is flashing or:

Default Controls - Accept Call:

Keyboard: F
Oculus Touch: Button A
Vive Controllers: Trackpad Click Center
Xbox Controller: Button A

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