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It is possible to sabotage ships and stations by hacking them.

There are two types of hacking:

Drone Hacking

The Trojan ROV is a sophisticated electronic warfare package that can penetrate even the most vigilant security systems thereby exposing the control systems of ships and stations.  By using the Trojan, it is possible to temporarily disable ship systems such as shields and engines.

Drone hacking is initiated by:

  1. activating a Trojan ROV,
  2. flying close to the object you would like to hack,
  3. interacting with the object to activate that object's context menu,
  4. and selecting “Drone hack”.

Note that use of the Trojan ROV is illegal in most settled space.

Platform Hacking

Rumor has it that an even more insidious form of hacking is possible by infiltrating a target station, finding various components that can be crafted into a security decryption device of some sort, finding a control panel, and hacking into that station's systems from within.  However, this rumor has never been confirmed, and the effects, if any, are uncertain at this time.


Hacking in any form is illegal in most civilized space and can lead to serious consequences.

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