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All files are located on Github here: It's Github, so you can download an older version by picking the commit you're interested in and downloading that one. You'll be able to look at the diff to figure out what changed between versions, since it's WIP there really isn't a changelog at the moment.

It is absolutely necessary to start a new game after installing this mod! You do not need to start a new game if you upgrade the mod, but you might be missing a few newer updates that require a fresh start. For example, a new ship will get added in seamlessly, but a new station might not spawn in the universe (unless you can build it with a CV, in which case you'll see it in that CV model's menu).

In case you have performance issues with your CPU on your new game, try to start with difficult setting "normal" or lower (at "hard" and higher the number of ships is always significantly higher) and change the setting afterwards.

Installation/Upgrade steps:

  1. (Only if you're upgrading) Delete the following folders from X Rebirth\extensions\:
    1. mm_uspprod
    2. nf_base

    3. nf_hol

    4. nf_to

    5. nf_ls

    6. nf_hegi

    7. nf_prosdv

  2. Download the latest copy by clicking this link.
  3. Extract the folders from the .zip file into the \extensions\ directory. When you're done, it will look like:
    1. X Rebirth\extensions\mm_uspprod
    2. X Rebirth\extensions\nf_base
    3. X Rebirth\extensions\nf_hol
    4. X Rebirth\extensions\nf_to
    5. X Rebirth\extensions\nf_ls
    6. X Rebirth\extensions\nf_hegi
    7. X Rebirth\extensions\nf_prosdv
  4. Start the game. Remember to start a new save if this is your first time playing the mod.


3rd party mod support:

Official DLC (Teladi Outpossst and Home of Light) are not required, but will work great with this mod.

Will NOT WORK together with CWIR or an CWIR-based-Savegame!

For some mods there are compatibility patch-mods included in this mod's installation (but these other mods are not required to enjoy New Frontier)

Mods to change the combat AI can work, but can have unwanted side effects.

Boarding modification Mods may not work without adaptation to New Frontier.

The below mods have been tested working well with New Frontier by Gibbynator with no tweaks needed (X:Rebirth 4.30):

Anything else, and you'll just have to see for yourself (smile)