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Welcome to X Rebirth VR Edition. X Rebirth VR Edition is a sandbox space game in the Home of Light X universe where the player is given total freedom in a living, breathing universe. XR VR is designed for a SEATED VR experience, but can also be played without a VR headset. The player can switch between the two experiences while playing.

Product Highlights:

  • Interactive VR cockpit experience with pointer device:
    Many complex activities such as trading, building, or remotely commanding your fleet happen through a system of menus. In VR, these menus appear on a side monitor in your cockpit, just to the right of your seat. You can operate menus with gestures, much like a virtual touch screen, very intuitively.
  • VR / non-VR live switching:
    X games are played for hundreds of hours, and while we want to provide the perfect VR experience, we also want to allow players to leave the VR experience and continue playing on a monitor without any delay. Thus, live switching is supported whereby it is possible to dynamically switch back and forth between two very different experiences simply by putting on or taking off your VR headset. The User Interface automatically adapts to whichever mode is active.

Product Features:

  • A large sandbox with a living, breathing universe.
  • TRADE: Trade with large fleets of ships across the entire universe. Many methods of making money give you the resources to upgrade your player ship, the Albion Skunk, or buy many more ships and even build stations and factories.
  • FIGHT: Play missions or freely explore the universe. Fight individual enemies or large fleets. Additional ships can be added to your fleet and controlled remotely as part of an ever growing economy or as a battle fleet.
  • BUILD: Build your own stations and factories to compete with NPCs or take over parts of the economy.
  • THINK: Play missions, discover exciting new technologies, explore the outskirts of the universe, and craft new weapons for your unique ship.

X Rebirth Feature Overview:

The videos accessible through the video index below explain X Rebirth features in general. Note that, far from being a simple adaption to VR, X Rebirth VR Edition is set in a heavily modified universe. However, many features of the game and some of the more complex activities in the game elaborated in these videos still apply to XRVR:

These videos are also accessible in-game through the Start Menu under a submenu called “Video Tutorials”. This activates your web browser and directs it to the above-linked videos on YouTube. Don't forget to take off your VR headset so you can see your browser!

In-game Tutorials:

In addition to the video tutorials, there are also tutorials available within the game that can be useful for learning about the various activities available to you. These are accessible via the Missions section of the Sidebar.

Further Documentation:

A list of official documentation and videos for both X Rebirth and XR VR Edition is available at:

Official Guides for X Rebirth and X Rebirth VR Edition

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