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See Wares page for station produced wares

The Skunk has infinite inventory item storage. Missiles bought from NPC vendors or crafted can be used by the Skunk; Skunk storage is limited to a total of 150 missiles (mixed types) + 50 marines.

Items marked as 'illegal' may require a license to trade in some juristictions; the penalty is attacks on <playership> if sucessfully scanned by police. Some systems do not carry or enforce these practices however.

Ware containers floating in space persist for 5 minutes then selfdestruct. You may often find fighers wrecks near stations and assorted inventory ware containers floating nearby.

Items that can be bought and sold to NPCs:

Albion Tobacco130311081498Intoxicants LicenceFood Merchant 
Albion Visa138211061658illegalBlack Marketeer 
Amphetamine Sulphate11339631303illegalBlack Marketeer 
Argon Delicacy Packs11693139 Food Merchant 
Kha'ak Relic Collection11432000971700013147000 Mining Supplier 
Ancients Relic Collection9442000802600010858000 Mining Supplier 
Augmented Soil144115173 Space Farmer 
Spaceflies (Authentic)221432188217254647Protected Species LicenceSpace Farmer 
Spacefly Eggs (Authentic)813246912593523Protected Species LicenceSpace Farmer 
Blank Freight Papers330528093801illegalBlack Marketeer 
Blank ID Cards262022273013illegalBlack Marketeer 
Calcite Shells11913 Space Farmer 
Cartography Units274219329 Ship Technician 
Chipped Diamonds458338965270 Mining Supplier 
Chocolate Laced Rations514161 Food Merchant 
Damaged Singularity Engine118514100737136291 Ship Technician 
Decryption Module233471984526849 Black Marketeer 
Delexian Ale11499771321Intoxicants LicenceFood Merchant 
Detonator159731357718369 Black Marketeer 
Engine Components614973 Ship Technician 
Entertainment Consoles620500740 Equipment Vendor 
Flux Capacitor129819110346149292 Ship Technician 
Gold Nuggets458338965270 Mining Supplier 
Gourmet Foodstuffs262131 Food Merchant 
Guidance System159731357718369 Equipment Vendor 
Hacker Chips541045996222illegalBlack Marketeer 
Hazardous Waste8610Hazardous Materials LicenceJunk Dealer 
Haze319372271466367278illegalBlack Marketeer 
Kha'ak Ship Component362865308435417295 Mining Supplier 
Gate Seed323599275059372139 Mining Supplier 
Kha'ak Ship Debris331986282188381784 Mining Supplier 
Kha'ak Crystalline Scale320824272700368948 Mining Supplier 
Kha'ak Kyon Crystal341833290558393108 Mining Supplier 
Kha'ak Talon338505287729389281 Mining Supplier 
Observation Gem363933309343418523 Mining Supplier 
Computronium368340313089423591 Mining Supplier 
Incomprehensible Script354597301407407787 Mining Supplier 
Ancient Drone348335296085400585 Mining Supplier 
Interface Unit119507101581137433 Ship Technician 
Jon Kayeans Whiskey267222713073Intoxicants LicenceFood Merchant 
Jump Drive Components135108162 Ship Technician 
Jump Drive Coolant121614103372139856 Black Marketeer 
Kyon Warhead127784108616146952 Black Marketeer 
Life Support Systems264722503044 Ship Technician 
Medical Equipment277222332 Equipment Vendor 
Metal Alloys623456529938716974 Junk Dealer 
Micro-Organisms595476714 Space Farmer 
Mineral Fertiliser282234 Space Farmer 
Mining Equipment292335 Ship Technician 
Neuronal Stimulant159613571835illegalBlack Marketeer 
Omicron Visa297823823574illegalBlack Marketeer 
Paranid Jewellery132411112549152273 Black Marketeer 
Pesticide463755 Space Farmer 
Plutonium Dioxide171413712057Hazardous Materials LicenceJunk Dealer 
Programmable Field Array141176120000162352 Ship Technician 
Psychedelic Mushrooms525744686046illegalBlack Marketeer 
Radioactive Waste10812Hazardous Materials LicenceJunk Dealer 
Rare Engine266000002260940030590600 Ship Technician 
Rare Engine: Valve572984870365893 Ship Technician 
Rare Engine: Velocity Control591725029668048 Ship Technician 
Rare Engine: Axis594015049168311 Ship Technician 
Rare Engine: Generator521264430759945 Ship Technician 
Rare Engine: Concentrator516624391359411 Ship Technician 
Rare Engine: Fuel Connector509584331458602 Ship Technician 
Rare Engine: Battery510964343258760 Ship Technician 
Rare Engine: Drive Connector579594926566653 Ship Technician 
Rare Engine: Core532014522161181 Ship Technician 
Rare Engine: AM Regulator501864265857714 Ship Technician 
Jump Drive Components (Rare)225623191780259466 Ship Technician 
Terran High-Tech Goods (Rare)123600010500001421000 Equipment Vendor 
Red Water132433112568152298Intoxicants LicenceBlack Marketeer 
Rough Gemstones211717992435 Mining Supplier 
Scrap Metal191523 Junk Dealer 
Security Decryption System543264617762475illegalBlack Marketeer 
Security Interface Chips233451984326847 Black Marketeer 
Ship Wreckage231828 Junk Dealer 
Silicate Minerals221826 Mining Supplier 
Small Arms277222332 Equipment Vendor 
Spaceflies761260909134Protected Species LicenceBlack Marketeer 
Spacefly Egg Collection211440001797240024315600Protected Species LicenceSpace Farmer 
Spacefly Eggs148011841776Protected Species LicenceBlack Marketeer 
Space Suits125010001500 Equipment Vendor 
Stasis Chambers328426273941 Ship Technician 
Teladianium Panelling594771 Equipment Vendor 
Temporary Account Card111illegal  
Temporary Key111illegal  
Temporary Local Security ID333illegal  
Temporary Password111illegal  
Terran High-Tech Goods141711341700 Equipment Vendor 
Terran Red Wine311824943742Intoxicants LicenceFood Merchant 
Unidentified Artefacts738959118867 Mining Supplier 
Albion Visa (VIP)129354109951148757 Black Marketeer 
Omicron Visa (VIP)153262130273176251 Black Marketeer 
Virtual Seminar (Boarding Experience)111  removed in v4RC1; no effect previously
Virtual Seminar (Combat)111   
Virtual Seminar (Engineering)111   
Virtual Seminar (Leadership)111   
Virtual Seminar (Management)111   
Virtual Seminar (Morale)111   
Virtual Seminar (Navigation)111   
Virtual Seminar (Science)111   
Weapon Interface Chips451138345188 Ship Technician 
Low-grade Weapon Modification Part10669921141   
Medium-grade Weapon Modification Part138152117429158875   
High-grade Weapon Modification Part275538234207316868   
Low-grade Weapon Mod496242175706   
Medium-grade Weapon Mod690763587149794378   
High-grade Weapon Mod137769011710381584343   
Xenon Components10238701176   
Newtonian V Crushers161613741858 Arms Dealer 
Meteorite Missiles453238525212 Arms Dealer 
Constrictor Missile125001000015000 Arms Dealer 
Sunstalker Missiles476840535483 Arms Dealer 
Hellbuster Missiles10354880111907 Arms Dealer 
Starflash Missiles209817832413 Arms Dealer 
Astrobee Swarmkillers159641356918359 Arms Dealer 
Tristar Missiles311852650735863 Arms Dealer 
Novadrones166751417319176 Arms Dealer 
Kyon Torpedo160340120255200425 Arms Dealer 
Traitor ROV326500277525375475 Drone Dealer 
Trojan ROV455600387260523940illegalDrone Dealer 
Assassin ROV238282025427402 Drone Dealer 
Beholder ROV Mk1195351660522465illegalDrone Dealer 
Beholder ROV Mk2785116673490288illegalDrone Dealer 
Beholder ROV Mk3244163207539280787illegalDrone Dealer 
Shield Support URV171941461519773 Drone Dealer 
Defence Grid URV153361303617636 Drone Dealer 
Tracker Mine428353641049260illegalBlack Marketeer 
Nav Beacon125001000015000 Equipment Vendor 
Recruit Marine217321847224992 Recruitment OfficerMax 50 of all types (Elite, Veteran, Recruit); only Recruit can be hired


  1. Anonymous

    Does "Ship Wreckage" are used as necessary item in assembling something bigger? Are "Ship Wreckage" has any use?

    1. If anything used in crafting, then it displayed in inventory as part of recipe. If item is single, then it is not used anywhere.

      -- solntcev

  2. Anonymous

    The Nav Beacon is useful to make an empty space zone permanent, and can be retrieved by clicking on it and pick it up and the zone will not be permanent anymore.

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