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In v4.00 a mission (X-perimental) was introduced, which appears when you enter Omicron Lyrae. If you are already in OL upon updating to 4.00, or choose an OL-based game start, the mission won't appear until you exit and return to OL. This mission's rewards the Jump Drive which will greatly increase the rate at which the X Rebirth universe can be traversed. The Jumpdrive take 16 seconds to charge before jump and 10 minutes cooldown between jumps. Its cooldown can be reduced with Jump Coolant.

References: SonOfToastie post about JDanother post

In order to craft a Jump Drive the following items are needed over 3 stages:

Mission stageRequired itemNumberNotes

Interface Unit

1Uncommon drop from destroyed ships.
Programmable Field Array1
Jump Drive Components (rare)10Rare drop from destroyed capital ships.
2A crafted Rare Engine1Multiple uncommon drops from destroyed ships.
3Jump Drive Coolant20Extremely rare drop from destroyed ships.

The Mission

..will start in OL|Radient Haven|High Scholar

Stage 1

Both Interface Unit and Programmable Field Array are easily obtained by collecting drops from destroyed fighter wings. At higher difficulties large fighter wings occur very frequently and most NPC stations will effortlessly destroy them. Drops occur even when combat happens in low attention so it is fairly common to enter zones with loot waiting to be picked up.

Jump Drive Components (rare) can be more difficult to obtain as they only drop from destroyed L and XL ships. Do note that these are different items from the fairly common Jump Drive Components. Chances are a lot of destroyed capital ships will need to be looted to find 10. Parking powerful fight ships at the OL/CC/Last Stand jump beacon can destroy fleeing HV capital ships fairly frequently for loot. Xenon defence and assassination missions often involve at least 1 easy to kill K L fight ship and appear on missions boards fairly frequently. Using powerful XL fight ships like the Fulmekron or multiple weaker Taranis are recommended to quickly dispatch capital ships.

Stage 2

The number of component types needed to craft the Rare Engine as well as the component rarity can make this stage time consuming to complete by looting alone. Some hidden lockboxes contain a selection of component types which can be used to speed up this stage.

Stage 3

Jump Drive Coolant Is extremely rare. It is possible that finding the required amount takes days of looting destroyed ships. Very rarely it drops from random lockboxes. Khaak fighters (HoL DLC only) have an increased drop chance over normal ships. By far the quickest way to obtain the required amount is by looting the appropriate hidden lockboxes.



  1. Anonymous

    For the Jump Drive, you need 1 interface unit, 1 programmable field array and 10 jump drive components (rare). You'll also need all the parts to craft a rare engine and then 20 jump drive coolant. I found 11 jump drive components (rare) in a lock box I bought the coordinates for, so it might be worth looking out for those.

  2. Anonymous

    I have 81 jump drive components but the mission still highlights "Collect 10 jump drive components (Rare)". So I understand they differ from normal jump drive components. How do I actually get some rare jump drive components?!!

    1. I'd suggest assassination-style missions so that you get to destroy capital ships, which may then drop them.

      - Sparky

    2. Best results can be achieved from "Xenon targetting station" missions, this mission spawn 1-2 K, which have chance of dropping components. Moreover K will kill itself by station defences, so you don't need firepower to deal with it.

      Mission may end before K arrives, so it is advisable to wait a little for K to fly in zone.

      -- solntcev

  3. Anonymous

    What I realized is that I get ZERO JDC (rare) in Albion system no matter how many capital ships I destroy in there. But I managed to get 2 JDC (rare) by destroying and looting the first atlas Rehanas passing by in HoL District 01.

    Thank you for the quick reply though.


  4. Anonymous

    I found all of mine by destroying Xenon Caps in Maelstrom. Now I'm after the coolant.

  5. Anonymous

    I got 15 JDC (Rare) just taking on Xenon and Sovereign Syndicate ships in Albion.

    I also scout around for anything I can retrieve from any other fallen vessels.

  6. Anonymous

    Killing Xenon weapon platforms in HoL and Cold Star got me all the JDC (rare) that I needed. Easier to kill than K's too. Stuck on the coolant though. I've found a total of 1 so far...

  7. Anonymous

    you should add a note that you only can start the mission when you finished the main plot

    1. Anonymous

    2. It's a great idea. Please feel free ;)

  8. Anonymous

    I obtained 23 jump drive components (rare) and 3 of the 10 components for the engine  out of the super expensive lockbox mission (4,000,000 credits one) if you're lucky this will reduce the time it takes to craft by a ton. Gl

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