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This mission chain is available in update version 2.0 onwards and requires you to complete a series of missions for the Argon government. Successful completion will induct you in to the Argon Secret Service



You must already possess a faction reputation level of +20 (or above) with the Argon Government before this mission will be offered to you



  • Argon Secret Service Licence
  • Argon Secret Service is added to the players list of availble factions
  • Argon Secret Service missions are occationally offered to the player
    • Secret Service missions appear around stations and have a lightbulb graphic
    • Missions often involve the Argon struggle against the Xenon threat


After beginning the mission, you must contact the mission agent aboard Cell Recharge Fab 1 in zone Last Stand. To begin each subsequent step of the mission chain you must contact the agent again. Except for the final mission, at each step you are given a choice between a number of generic mission types


The final mission

The final mission in the series is an assasination mission against a capital(XL) ship which usually has an unusually high number of escort fighters in addition to its normal defensive compliment



Early versions of X Rebirth contained a bug where if you completed the final mission with an Argon Government faction approval rating less than +25 you would not receive the Secret Service Licence (link)