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Loot appears in three different kinds of crate:

  • Small Crates can be simply picked up by running your ship into it,
    These contain things like missiles, inventory wares, and weapon mods which you can either use directly or that can be equipped on your ship.

  • Big Crates have to be picked up by a transport ship using Cargolifters,
    These contain wares used in the economy.

  • Lockboxes are locked, often trapped, boxes that contains many small crates.
    The locks on a lockbox have to be found and destroyed without destroying the box itself in order to release the small crates that it contains.

Loot Magnet

As long as the loot magnet is active, small crates that are in the immediate vicinity of your ship are pulled to your ship for easy collection.

Default Controls:

Keyboard: O
Oculus Touch: Right Thumb
Vive Controller: Right Grip
Xbox Controller: Right Thumb

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