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In some cases (especially when determining the cause for crashes) Egosoft support might ask for a so called DXDiag and Vulkaninfo. This data contains detailed information about your system environment and is used to verify that drivers/hardware is compatible with the game and/or is used as a source to determine issues which only occur on specific hardware/driver combinations. The following instructions explain how to retrieve the details.

A note on privacy

Please note that while these logs are intended purely to provide technical information, they still contain information which might be considered personal (like the machine name which could include your nickname/personal name if you set your machine name as such) and/or contain unique identifiers which might allow the retrieving party of such information to connect the information with some other information of yourself (like the machine ID or simply the hardware combination in your machine which can also provide a unique footprint of yourself). While Egosoft will only use the provided information to resolve the crash issue, if you don't want to share such information with the recipient(s), make sure to filter this out before sending the data.

Retrieving the DXDiag

  1. In the start menu enter: "dxdiag" (without the quotes) and press ENTER
  2. The DirectX Diagnost Tool opens. Click on Save All Information...
  3. Save the information on your machine. That's the file you want to attach to your reply to support.

Retrieving the VulkanInfo

  1. In the start menu enter: "cmd" (without the quotes) and press ENTER
  2. A command window opens. Enter:

    vulkaninfo > "%UserProfile%\Desktop\vulkaninfo.txt"

    and press ENTER

  3. On your desktop you'll then find a new file called: "vulkaninfo.txt". This file is what you want to attach to your reply to support.

Troubleshooting empty VulkanInfo files

If the created file is empty, try running "vulkaninfo" (without the > %UserProfile%\Desktop\vulkaninfo.txt part). If this just brings up output like the following, you most likely are suffering some corruption in your Vulkan/graphics card driver installation (note that the version number can differ in your run).

To resolve this, you should reinstall (preferably do a clean installation) of your graphics card drivers. If the issue persist, please contact your vendor/manufacturer.

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  1. Anonymous


    Getting this regularly on very different situations.

    Also watching some movies / youtube videos / livestreams, while playing.




    Trying to clean-reinstall driver now.


    1. Anonymous

      Umh btw, before the large update this November/December 2021 I hadnt any issues.