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A list of ships you can build in New Frontier.

Note that the economy for ships has changes significantly. There are new stations called Civ Ship Parts Lot (ship part) that serves an intermediate step in the ship building process that make Uniparts: Ship parts and Ship part (weapons) from the same materials that NPC stations in vanilla used to build their ships. Shipyards now use an equivalent of Uniparts, Force Field Projectors, and whatever drones/missiles of choice for their ship building needs. This means no more need for turrets in the new economy, they got replaced entirely.

All vanilla ships have been converted to these recipes as well. Even the Xenon ships.

In flowchart form:

Ship components --> Ship Parts + Ship parts (weapons) --> Shipyard --> Ships


New Ships

  • Albion/Home of Light constructions. Note that due to the variety of ships offered, some can only be built by one or a few factions.
    • (XL) (HOA,HoL) Arawn Mk2 - An upgraded Arawn with 8 HIVI/MA turrets on Targon Tracer platforms. In addition, the Mk2 has even more turrets, heavier shields, the ability to carry 600 drones and keep more squadrons deployed, and a stronger hull.
    • (XL) (HOA) Scaldis Battle Star - This combat variant of the Scaldis trades in its cargo storage ability for 4 HIVI/MA turrets, 4 JET LR turrets and some other turrets.
    • (XL) (PMC,HoL) Taranis Freighter - Basically the vanilla Taranis in terms of equipment, but with 100k of universal storage space. Pirates aren't going after this shipment...
    • (XL) (PMC,HoL) Taranis Mk2 - An upgraded Taranis with more turrets, better shields, and a stronger hull.
    • (XL) (LI) Vigintinas - Aptly named a "super freighter", this beast of a ship has a whopping 2260k of usable storage space. Yeah, as in 2.26 million. That's not a typo. It's also packed with HIT/MA and Plasma/MA turrets, and very well shielded. Expensive and slow to build.
    • (XL) (LI, HoL) Ayosana - One of the 2 ships that can salvage, the Ayosana has 130k of storage space, and a token armament comparable to the Sanahar Mk2.
    • (L) (PMC,HoL) Heavy Sul Weapon Platform - A lazy sul with 2 HIVI/MA turrets on the top. Not so lazy now, is it?
    • (L) (PMC,HoL)Light Sul Arbiter - A light sul variant with 6 Astrobee Launchers.
    • (L) (PMC,HoL)Light Sul Eclipse - A light sul variant with 6 JET LR turrets.
    • (L) (PMC,HoL)Light Sul Typhoon - A light sul variant with HIT/MA and Hailstorm/MA turrets.
    • (L) (PMC) Rahanas Mk2 XL - 460k of universal storage space, and double the turrets, shields, and hull of a normal Rahanas. The best L trader you can buy.
    • (L) (many) Sanahar Mk2 - A Sanahar with more turrets and storage.
    • (L) (many) Sanahar Mk2 (Gas) - A Sanahar with more turrets and storage, optimized for gas mining.
    • (L) (many) Sanahar Mk2 (Mineral) - A Sanahar with more turrets and storage, with 3 mining turrets for mining asteroids.
    • (L) (many) Sanahar Mk2 Supplier - A Sanahar with more turrets and storage. Trades in a little storage space for a lot more shielding than the Mk2.
    • (L) (many) Sanahar Mk2 XL - A Sanahar with more turrets and storage than even the Mk2.
  • DeVries constructions.
    • (XL) Sucellus Vanguard - A Sucellus with 2 Astrobee launchers and 4 JET LRs.
    • (XL) Sucellus Mk2 - What's better than one IHC? 3 of them! The Mk2 also sports a lot more turrets, Astrobee launchers, 4 JET LRs, and to top that all off, more shields, stronger hull, and improved engines.
    • (L) Lepton Armadillo - A Lepton with 2 Astrobee launchers and 4 Hailstorm turrets.
    • (L) Stromvok Arbalest - A Stromvok with 4 Astrobee launchers.
    • (L) Stromvok Fury - A Stromvok with 4 JET LR turrets.
    • (L) Stromvok Mk2 - A Stromvok with more turrets and a much stronger hull.
  • Teladi constructionsss.
    • (XL) Condor XL - A Condor the size of the Albatross XL, with more turrets and a much stronger hull.
    • (XL) Pheodor - A fast destroyer equipped like the Condor, but with better hull.
    • (XL) Pheodor XL - More hull than the Pheodor, and also sports 60k of storage.
  • Omicron Lyrae constructions.
    • (XL) Remakron - A salvage ship like the Ayosana, but the similarities end there. The Remakron is the 2nd-most expensive ship in the game, and for good reason. It has double the drone storage of the Ayosana, 70k of storage, 192 HIT/MAs, 24 JET LRs, 44 Plasma/MAs, 16 Hailstorm/MAs, hull nearly equivalent to the Fulmekron, and much better shielding.
    • (XL) Bomekron - The most expensive and powerful ship in the game, because a single one of these can bring down a whole fleet on its own. It deserves the title of M0, and has the look of two ATF Valhallas stacked on top of each other. This beast of a ship sports 600 drone slots, 4 HIVI/MA turrets, 240 HIT/MAs, 24 Hailstorm/MAs, 40 JET LRs, 72 Plasma/MAs, and 0 blind spots. And if that wasn't enough, it has 70k storage space, so you can use it as a trader too.
    • (XL) Cumakron - A small destroyer nearly comparable to an Olmekron, but with 2 HIVI/MA turrets.
    • (XL) Fulmekron Mk2 - A Fulmekron with more of every turret, better shields, slightly better engines, stronger hull, and 6 HIVI/MA turrets.
    • (XL) Jemakron - Smaller than a Fulmekron, cheaper, faster, and half it's hull, but almost the same level of firepower. It also has 70k of storage space and can function as an excessively powerful transport.
    • (XL) Jemakron Dronecaster - Trade in the Jemakron's storage space for a whopping 900 drone storage bay, and you have this ship.
    • (XL) Olmekron Mk2 - An Olmekron with more of every turret, better shields, slightly better hull, and 4 HIVI/MA turrets.
    • (XL) Phimakron - A sister ship of the Simakron, this ship has the hull strength of an Olmekron, and with weaponry between the Fulmekron and Remakron in terms of DPS. Slightly more shielding than the Simakron.
    • (XL) Simakron - The Phimakron's sister ship, this ship trades in a little shield strength for almost double the hull. The hull strength is higher than even the Bomekron. Everything else is equal to the Phimakron, except for the cost.
    • (XL) Ulmekron - The power of a Fulmekron with hull strength slightly better than the Cumakron.
    • (XL) Python - The Spilt finally found some PALCs for this thing! It's a Raptor with 6 JET LR turrets.
    • (XL) Raptor - While not a true "new" ship, OL shipwrights can now build it.
    • (XL) Elephant (Gas) - A gas mining variant of the Raptor.
    • (XL) Elephant (Mineral) - A mineral mining variant of the Raptor.
    • (XL) Lyramekron Mk2 - The best mining vessel you can buy. It's a Lyramekron with 310k of storage space, more of every turret, 4 JET LRs, and 7 Mining turrets.
    • (L) Timekron - With 12 JET LRs, 4 Hailstorm/MAs, 16 Plasma/MAs, and a whopping 96 HIT/MAs, this ship packs XL-sized firepower in a cheaper and smaller package.
    • (L) Minekron - 13 Novadrone launchers, 50 HIT/MAs, 8 Plasma/MAs, and 4 Hailstorm/MAs. Sorry X3, this ship puts every M7M to shame.
  • Xenon constructions.
    • (XL) Construction Vessel K - A CV for the Xenon to build their stations. Equipped with Xenon HIT/MA and Plasma/MA weaponry, plus 8 sunfire missile launchers.
    • (XL) I Mk2 - A bit cheaper than the normal I, but with all the same equipment.
    • (XL) I Mk3 - Same price as the I Mk2, but less hull strength. Not sure how it compares to the Mk2 or original I, but the Xenon sure like throwing it around.
    • (L) K Dronecarrier - Same armament as the CV K, but with 900 drone slots.
    • (L) K Freighter - Same armament as the CV K, and 260k of storage.
    • (L) K (Gas) - Same armament as the CV K, 260k of storage and 450 drone slots for gas mining.
    • (L) K (Mineral) - Same armament as the CV K, 260k of storage, 3 mining turrets, and 450 drone slots for mineral mining.
    • (M) Universal transport - A universal 25k storage hold with the ability to carry ships like a TM. Also has a missile launcher and 2 HIT/MA turrets, but the size and speed of a normal transport. Very strong hull and shields, but a very big price tag.
    • (M) MX - It's the M4+ we all hated seeing in Scale Plate Green next to a Q. If you get the reference, you know what this is. Says it's a bomber in the description, but it doesn't have novadrone launchers.
    • (M) S (gas) - Gas miner version of the S.
  • Heretic Vanguard constructions.
    • (XL) Construction Vessel MA - A CV for the Heretic Vanguard, can make pirate and OL stuff.
    • (XL) Behemoth - Half the firepower of a Fulmekron, but double the hull and shield strength.
    • (XL) Chimera - 6 JET LRs and 14 Plasma/MAs. And that's about it.
    • (XL) Fulmekron Privateer - Basically a Fulmekron Mk2, but trade in the HIVI/MA turrets for 110k of storage space.
    • (XL) Hades Dronecaster - 48 HIT/MA turrets and a whopping 3600 drone storage bay, with the ability to field massive swarms of them.
    • (L) Harpy - Only has one weapon: 10 Astrobee launchers, but on the frame of the Chimera.
    • (L) Wraith - An equivalent to the Heavy Sul, but with 2 JET LRs.
  • Atlas Pirate constructions.
    • (XL) Construction Vessel Mk2 - A CV for the Atlas Pirates, can make pirate and AL stuff.
    • (XL) Sulrahanar - The pirates basically welded a Rahanas to a Sanahar and called it a new ship. Has 170k storage.
    • (L) Sennin Besieger - 7 HIVI/MA and 2 Astrobee launchers. Slow because of the crazy amounts of firepower it can pack.
    • (L) Sennin Raider - A weak ship that feels like a Devries transport.
    • (L) Sennin Vanguard - 9 Hailstorm/MA and 2 JET LR turrets. Complements the Besieger's weakness to make a formidable fleet.
  • Non-buildable ships
    • (XL) Lyramekron Mk3 - It's a Lyramekron Mk3 with 370k of storage space but no mining turrets. Can be constructed by NPC factions and boarded.
    • (XL) Tyranis - A heavy transport ship that is equipped like the Vignitas, but with only 180k of storage. Can be constructed by pirate factions and boarded.
    • (M) Styrmir - A heavily armored and shielded personnel transport (TP) with capacity for 30 marines and boarding pod launchers, which double as missile launchers. You can rarely find them on sale in Think missions, "build" by Special Constructions, or might be able to "convince" a pilot to leave his.
    • (S) Moebius - A souped up version of the Triath Sentinel, you can only buy this from Think missions.

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