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Manage your Shipyards

You can call your Shipyard over property list -> Shipyard settings.

  • Set up a trade ware - Manage additional tradeware at price and amounts, but do NOT use this UI to add/change at production wares. Adding Ship parts to this list will break the supply line and the station will not be able to restock itself.
  • Do NPC Buildorders -
    • yes (accept orders from other factions)
    • friends (or better)
    • members
    • no (do not accept new Orders, queue orders will processed anyway - Queue can controlled by calling a shipdealer -> special constructions -> top left option on mouseover)
  • Shoppingbreak - Manager won't start new construction at orders, can used to fill resources.

Special Construction

The Queue - NPC buildorders and your own can be controlled in the queue.

Order/Copy a ship - Pick a ship you own in the sector, and you can order the ship as a direct COPY of the ship (and loadout), or ORDER it with the default setup.

With in Squad and actual Zone operating and for this service supported Vessels you may able to convert some (small) shiptypes into others, like Hymir into Styrmir 


You can disable the consumption of resources in the shipyard, but that takes all the fun out of the game. Building the economy and amassing the billions of credits you need to build more ship part manufacturing, etc.

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