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There are many types of missions available to the player. Some are the unique or rare side quests described below.

Base game

  • Crafting items into rare equipment

      • SETA construction
      • The shields, engine & weapon below do not require a mission to /craft/ but they do require one to /fit/. These missions are not found in the BBS 
  • Crafting missions  

  • Operation Forge Guard

      • A chain of generic missions for the Argon (link)

      • Rewards: unique licence (warning about major bug here)

The Teladi Outpost (DLC)

  • The Rising Tide
      • Faction: Urguas Armaments
      • Reward: 5,000,000 Credits (Normal)
      • Difficulty: Medium
      • Can be found by scanning modules of the Haunt at Hissed Syllable/Serpentine Haze/Fields of Opportunity.
        A chain of generic missions for Urguas Armaments
        Corporate espionage: scanning, hacking and assassination

Home of Light (DLC)

  • Another Gate Open* (exploration mission offered at the start of new games or after campaign games complete)
  • Xenon Invasion (major mission following on from a Ship in Distress generic mission).

*Jumpdrive & 'Another Gate Open' missions will only become available once you've completed the Campaign if you've selected that start; you'll have to return to OL to see the mission briefing in the BBS

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