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It is possible to organize ships into a squadron.  A squadron is generally comprised of a commander which does what the squadron was ordered to do, and subordinates that escort and protect their commander.

Possible uses include:

  • A small squadron of fighters escorting a trading ship engaged in trade,
  • A single frigate watching over a mining ship mining ores for a station,
  • A large, mixed squadron of destroyers and fighters controlling an area of space. 

Squadron Organization

Assigning ships to squadrons

Talk to the captain or pilot of the ship you want to assign,

Select “Assign New Superior”,

Select the ship or station you would like the newly-assigned ship to work for.

Managing squadrons

In both the Property Owned menu (accessible through the Sidebar) and the Map, ships that command squadrons are shown with a “+” sign to the left of the name of their ship.  Activating this plus sign expands the list of that ship's subordinates.

Squadron Operation

Squadrons are commanded simply by commanding their squadron commander.  Any commands issued to the squadron commander will be executed by that ship, and their squadron will accompany the commander's ship and protect it.

The Player Squad

The player squad is a special squadron of ships whose captains or pilots are directly subordinate to you.  Certain functions such as station construction require ships of a certain type be in the player squad.  If not given orders, ships in the player squad will try to stay in your vicinity and will protect your ship in case hostilities are encountered.

Broadcast Command

It is also possible to broadcast a command to any arbitrary group of ships.  This is done by:

  1. accessing the Property Owned menu (via the Sidebar),
  2. selecting any ships that you own by ticking the boxes to the left of their names*,
  3. and clicking “Broadcast”.


* Selecting the Albion Skunk in this way individually selects all of the ships in the player squadron.

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