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If using Vive or Oculus Touch controllers, please make sure that your controllers are active before starting the game.

Make sure to reset the view for a seated experience by pressing the VR reset button.

Default Controls - VR Reset:

Keyboard: ' (normally the upper-left most key in most keyboards, right above the TAB key)
Oculus Touch: Hold Left Thumb Rest

In the start menu, select “New game” and then select the “Restoration Project” gamestart.

Once the game has started, you will have a short explanation of the Home of Light system running on the monitor to your right.  You can end this introductory video via:

Default Controls - Back, Close, Cancel:

Keyboard: ESC
Oculus Touch: Button B
Vive Controller: Trackpad Right Click
Xbox Controller: Button B

There is a tutorial mission offered on your event monitor (front view to the right).  Point at it and press the following key to open the mission description on the menu to your right.

Default Controls - Accept, Confirm:

Keyboard: ENTER
Oculus Touch: Button A
Vive Controller: Trackpad Center Click
Xbox Controller: Button A

You can then accept this tutorial by pointing towards the ACCEPT button and pressing the “Accept, Confirm” key described above.

In-game tutorials are available from the Missions section of the Sidebar.

Default Controls - Accessing the Sidebar:

Keyboard: ENTER
Oculus Touch: Start Button
Vive Controller: Left Controller Appmenu
Xbox Controller: Back

We suggest that you then fly towards the nearby highway (animated tube structure) and fly into it.  This will help you fly around the Home of Light system faster and get a better idea of how the civilized parts of the star system are laid out.

You can display the map on your side screen by accessing the Quick Menu and selecting the Map on the right side of the menu.

Default Controls - Accessing the Quick Menu:

Keyboard: Y
Oculus Touch: Button X
Vive Controller: Trackpad Click Left
Xbox Controller: Button X


Default Controls - Menu Navigation:

Keyboard: Arrow Keys
Oculus Touch: Left or Right Stick
Vive Controller: Use the Pointer to point and select
Xbox Controller: Left Stick

In the map, you can see your ship and the sectors around you.  It is also possible to drag the map on the monitor or to select objects for investigation.

Leave the highway near large stations and fly around those stations to find mission offers, collect information (stored in your shipboard computer), and collect trade offers (visible in the trade menu).

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