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Unique lockboxes for rare Mk5 shields

10 lockboxes containing parts for 2 unique shield crafting missions.

(warning) If you're playing the campaign game start, try to find the Relics in Maelstrom before the plot has you attacking Xenon stations to avoid accidental destruction of the lockbox's contents.

Unique lockboxes produce gold ping on Long-Range Scanner.

Kha'ak Relic Collection

AlbionFar OutExhaustless MinesKha'ak Ship Component-21430m, 98m, -18827m
DeVriesBleak PebblePersistent DarkeningKha'ak Ship Debris-1367m, -422m, 3867m
Omicron LyraeCommerce CoreLast StandKha'ak Crystalline Scale-1409m, 2565m, 3419m
MaelstromBlurred ReflectionThe Sixth ScriptureKha'ak Kyon Crystal-13218m, 2392m, 5573m
MaelstromSable VortexVenturous ProfitKha'ak Talon21m, 26m, -321m
 Click for Kha'ak Ship Component spoiler...

The Kha'ak Ship Component can be found in-between the two main asteroid segments.

Ancient Relic Collection

AlbionLookout AlphaDormant BearObservation Gem6575m, -446m, -3563m
MaelstromSable VortexCryptic HeartComputronium1784m, 1458m, 3702m
Omicron LyraeEclipse CloudsRelocating StonesIncomprehensible Script-15253m, 125m, 2674m
DeVriesMolten ArchonLava FlowAncient Drone5056m, 8779m, -3299m
Omicron LyraeDevoid ClimeCosy ShadeGate Seed-12815m, 359m, -6629m
 Click for Computonium spoiler...

The Computronium can be found within the underside of the north-most Xenon Station (the generally-symmetrical one with three main segments), just to the west of the central pillar that extends downwards (there are two spotlights nearby).


  1. Anonymous

    I'll be posting some information on various lockboxes as I grab them, to make them easier to find.

    Albion-  Far out:  Inside the Lonely Giant Rock cluster. Long Range Scan (yes, gold)

    1. Anonymous

       AlbionLookout AlphaDormant BearObservation Gem

      Deep inside the Badlands Colony. You must fly in the top and navigate some dark tunnels. There is a second lockbox on the top next to a steam vent.


    2. Anonymous

       Bleak PebblePersistent Darkening

      Kha'ak Ship Debris

      Scan it in the asteroids near the station.

    3. Anonymous

      There seems to be a recurring theme that you can LRS for all of these boxes. I'll confirm it and then try to edit the main page.

      Maelstrom Blurred Reflection: Scan it in the region with all the twisty things.

  2. Anonymous

    Venturous Profit: Scan inside a broken spheroid on the station.

    Cryptic Heart: Scan near the stations

    Cosy Shade: scan a few km away from the stations

    Last stand: Scan the core dig

    Relocating stones: scan the light ore field a few km off the highway

  3. Anonymous

    At least on my game, (version 4.10x), the Kha'ak Talon in Venturous Profit supposed to be inside a broken sphere is not there. I tested this several times.

    I reach Venturous Profit and started to ping the station, but i didnt got a return, then i reached the broken sphere tank and looked inside but was empty, at first impression i thought that was a possible bug, but i started to ping facing 180º from the hole of the sphere tank, and i got a gold ping return far in open space, and there was the container with the Kha'ak Talon. I guess that in latest updates of the game the container was moved because after the final assault vs Xenon could be destroyed, so in that position the create have less possibilities to be destroyed.

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